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Xiaomi OS improves mobile phone multitasking and supports global automatic window and folding split screen improvement.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, in this evening's Xiaomi OS experience communication meeting, Xiaomi official detailed description of the various details of the improvement of OS.

In terms of mobile phone multitasking, Xiaomi OS brings small window suggestions, edge bubbles, automatic small windows and other improvements.

The small window suggestion means that when the user is waiting for a taxi, the system automatically pops up the suggestion of "opening the small window" on the top of the phone.

Automatic window refers to the mobile phone global window, when users play games, they will automatically open chat, payment and other windows in the form of small windows, without the need for inter-application jump.

The user can also paste the edge of the small window and notify it in the form of an edge bubble.

For large-screen devices, OS brings split-screen applications to operate independently, and folding screens support split-screen applications with independent joysticks.

In addition, OS supports headset non-inductive connection across devices and automatic switching; converged device center cards are also unified, claiming to support "more than 200 kinds of device connection control". will continue to follow up on the highlights of Xiaomi's OS experience communication meeting.

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