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The first promotional video of Hideo Kojima's new game "OD" is made public, in cooperation with Microsoft Xbox

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, well-known game producer Hideo Oshima unveiled at the TGA 2023 awards ceremony today, announcing the first promotional film of the new game "OD".

According to reports, the game, jointly launched by Kojima Studio and Microsoft Xbox Game Studios, is expected to be a mysterious project previously announced.

As previously reported by, Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance at the Xbox & Bethesda game show in June, confirming rumors circulating in recent years that Hideo Kojima revealed his partnership with Xbox for the first time.

According to reports, Hideo Oshima Studio will bring Xbox players a "new experience" game, which is described as a game that Hideo Kojima has always wanted to create, claiming that "no one has ever experienced or seen it."

In addition, the game will use Microsoft's cloud technology, but did not give details.

"with the changes in Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud technology and industry trends, it is now possible to challenge yourself to create this unprecedented concept," said Hideo Oshima. "it will take some time, but I look forward to working with Xbox Game Studios and bringing you some exciting news in the future."

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