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Uhnder holds a forum on digital transformation of vehicle radar, working with partners to lead the new trend

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Shulou( Report--

Shanghai, China, December 8, 2023-Uhnder, the leader in digital imaging radar chip technology, held a technology forum with the theme of "Digitalization, New Trends" in Shanghai on December 6 to deeply discuss the trend of digital transformation of vehicle radar with industry heavyweight partners, and look forward to the future development of automobile safety and self-driving. Leading representatives from the automotive industry, such as Audi Automotive Co., Ltd., Magna Electronics, BAIC Research Institute, Chu Hang Science and Technology, Frui Zhihang and other automotive industry leaders attended the forum and delivered important speeches. In addition, leaders from the local government, university professors, as well as SAIC, Lai Automobile, Xiaomi Automobile, Senstek, Huayu Automotive Electronics, Baolong Automobile, Fretak, Black Sesame Intelligence, dSPACE, RFbeam and other complete vehicle factories and system integration manufacturers, partners, investors, scholars and industry experts also attended the event.

Uhnder team

At this forum, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from home and abroad shared their experiences and collided their ideas around the subdivided topics such as the application experience, market prospect and technology prospect of vehicle radar. In addition, Uhnder also demonstrated the latest development and application of the leading 4D digital imaging radar solution in the field of Advanced driving Assistance system (ADAS) at the event. During the meeting, ICON radar (mass production), Audi MARS prototype, prototype and evaluation kit jointly developed by Uhnder and partners also attracted the attention of many participants.

The scene of Uhnder vehicle Radar Digital Transformation Forum

Manju Hegde, CEO and co-founder of Uhnder, said in his speech: "the deployment of 4D digital imaging radar chip technology will bring a safer and smarter driving experience to the automotive industry and play a more important role in future development. We are proud to be able to bring this innovative digital radar technology to market. By driving the digital transformation of in-vehicle radar, Uhnder is committed to helping the automotive industry provide consumers with a safer driving experience at a faster pace. "

Manju Hegde, CEO and co-founder of Uhnder

Digital transformation is a critical and necessary trend of the current vehicle radar system. With the rapid development of advanced driving assistance and urban NOA technology, accurate and accurate environmental awareness and target detection are very important for the realization of safe and reliable self-driving. As an innovative technology in the field of automotive radar, Uhnder 4D digital imaging radar chip technology can provide higher resolution, more accurate perception and better anti-jamming performance by using more advanced digital coding and modulation (DCM) technology.

In addition, 4D digital imaging radar chip technology has better flexibility and adaptability. Uhnder radar chips defined by software can be customized and upgraded according to different requirements to better adapt and meet the needs of different vehicles and application scenarios.

Uhnder 4D digital imaging radar chip

Ma Sibo (Max Liberman), vice president of Uhnder chip business, said in a speech: "Chinese consumers have very high requirements for self-driving safety. As the only company in the industry to mass-produce 4D digital imaging radar chips at the vehicle specification level, we are actively working closely with Chinese OEM and Tier1 radar manufacturers to develop advanced radar solutions to enable higher safety for cars."

Max Liberman, Vice President of Uhnder Chip Business

The successful holding of this forum provides an important communication platform for the ecology of 4D digital imaging radar and provides more inspiration and inspiration for the digital transformation of vehicle radar. As a leader in digital imaging radar chip technology, Uhnder looks forward to more opportunities to promote industry exchanges and cooperation in the future, from cutting-edge exploration to commercial landing, and promote more innovations to promote the development of the automotive industry.

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