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The technology online cloud market is constructed to help intelligent real-time interaction.

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Shulou( Report--

As the world's leading intelligent real-time interactive cloud service provider, on December 5, we launched the cloud market and joined hands with the excellent technology and content partners of artificial intelligence and real-time interactive industrial ecological chain to help customers improve the efficiency of real-time interaction and build smart applications right away!

Create an one-stop ecological service market around the core competence of real-time audio and video services, that is, the cloud-building market covers excellent technology and content providers, and forms a perfect ecological product matrix, which can provide customers with one-stop services and upstream and downstream consultations. to protect business construction. From pre-sale, transaction to after-sale, that is, the cloud construction market has built a complete ecosystem around "intelligent real-time interaction" to minimize the complexity of customer and developer access. Developers only need to set up an account to enjoy the products and technologies of many suppliers in the cloud market in one stop, eliminating the tedious links of multiple suppliers back and forth, such as type selection, price comparison, integrated access and billing transactions, and greatly shorten the access cycle. to help customers build scenarios quickly.

That is, the standard product and service capability section of Gencent Cloud Market: based on the in-depth mining of RTC and AIGC requirements, it provides customers with real-time audio / video + AIGC application scenario solutions, covering a large number of high-quality enterprises such as Google, iFLYTEK, Digital Maison, Cloud curvature, Big Cake, etc., and empowers customers' business in content audit, real-time interpretation, AI model, audio special effects and other aspects to help customers innovate.

That is, the cloud market App service capability plate: covering marketing growth, SMS services, services, copyright services and other App service solutions, including play, Flat Ads, Lanyunzhi, Checkout, sonic reach, see music, China TV network gathering and other ecological partners. Customers can integrate existing solutions, explore more industry cooperation opportunities, and build ecological solutions.

At present, the upsurge of artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) is sweeping the world. Around the AI generation of text, sound, pictures and video, a number of innovative applications have emerged, which are changing our world with unprecedented speed and innovation. It can not only greatly improve production efficiency, save time and human resources, but also bring the explosion of creativity and unlimited possibilities. With its strong real-time network and anti-delay ability, the structure will unite more partners and integrate real-time audio and video and AIGC technology to help customers break through the limitations of time, space and personnel, create a more conversational and immersive intelligent real-time interactive world, and move towards a more intelligent and digital future.

Through the construction of cloud market ecological platform, pan-entertainment overseas enterprises can also get rapid support. Based on the instant real-time interactive RTC technology capabilities, it integrates the necessary capabilities of overseas enterprises, such as content audit, marketing growth, services, etc., that is, cloud construction market helps overseas enterprises achieve closed-loop capabilities of scenario construction. By simply logging in to build cloud market, you can dock with third-party plug-ins or services, achieve one-stop safe and efficient business construction, and enhance business target growth.

Enable industry applications, help enterprise scene construction, that is, cloud construction market invites more high-quality ecological partners to join, aggregate ecological capacity, create win-win situation, jointly create integrated services under more scenarios, and create more business opportunities with ecology!

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