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Tencent TGA first exposed three products, attracting attention

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The TGA2023 awards ceremony, known as the "Oscar in the gaming industry", was held on December 8, Beijing time. Tencent first unveiled three new products at the awards ceremony. Including Photon Studio Group's studio Lightspeed LA, which focuses on 3A games in the open world, exposed the first game "Last Sentinel", which has a very unique scene, character, plot and play experience. Tencent's international game business brand Level Infinite has joined hands with Sharkmob Studio and 10 Chambers Studio to unveil new works "Exoborne" and "Den of Wolves". The former, which focuses on open-world tactics, will lead players to an apocalyptic world torn apart by the forces of nature, while the latter is a science fiction theme with multi-player cooperation in first-person shooters.

In addition, 10 Chambers also released the final chapter of "GTFO" on TGA: duality (Rundown 8.0: Duality), the 12th major free update to "GTFO" since its launch in 2019.

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