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China Internet jointly refutes rumors: "driving new energy vehicles is highly radioactive and will cause cancer." there is no scientific basis.

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Shulou( Report--, December 8 (Xinhua)-- the Chinese Internet platform for refuting rumors recently released the 2023 New Energy vehicle Industry anecdote list, which, together with the China Automobile Association, examined typical rumors and misunderstandings in the new energy vehicle industry in an effort to clarify fallacies and doubts.

In response to the online claim that driving a new energy car is radioactive and can cause cancer, the popular Science China Encyclopedia responded that there is no scientific basis for this claim. New energy vehicles do have radiation, but the amount of radiation is within a safe range.

According to reports, the state has strict limits on electromagnetic radiation, and any vehicle should carry out a "EMC test" before listing, that is, a comprehensive evaluation of the interference and anti-interference ability of electronic products in the electromagnetic field.

At present, the limit of the national standard magnetic field radiation safety standard is 100 μ T, the electric field radiation safety standard is 5000V / m, while the magnetic field radiation of the front row of new energy vehicles is generally 0.8-1.0 μ T, the rear row is 0.3-0.5 μ T, and the electric field radiation is less than 5V / m. The formal test in line with the national standard can fully ensure that the electromagnetic radiation level of the electronic products on board is within the national standard.

In addition, in response to "new energy vehicles catch fire more easily than fuel vehicles," Science Popularization China and CCTV News responded that the probability of fire accidents of new energy vehicles is not higher than that of fuel vehicles. According to the data of the new energy vehicle national big data alliance monitoring and management platform, in 2019, the fire probability of new energy vehicles is 0.0049%. Since 2020, the fire probability has dropped to 0.0026%.

According to the data released by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security, the annual fire accident rate of traditional fuel vehicles is about 0.01%. 0.02%. Among the causes of fire accidents of new energy vehicles, power battery spontaneous combustion accounts for 31%. With the maturity of battery manufacturing technology and the improvement of vehicle manufacturing level, the probability of spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles is also decreasing year by year. summarizes all kinds of rumors and truths about new energy vehicles as shown below:

▲ Picture Source China Internet joint rumor refutation platform

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