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Nvidia's new RTX 5880 Ada workstation graphics card has been exposed, which is expected to be special for China.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, according to VideoCardz news, Nvidia's new RTX 5880 Ada workstation graphics card has been exposed, is expected to be special for China, may be a stripped-down version of RTX 6000 Ada, so as to meet the relevant policies.

At present, there are no detailed parameters for the graphics card of the RTX 5880 ADA workstation. It is expected that it will use the AD102 GPU core and the video memory will still be 48GB.

As previously reported by, Nvidia has launched a series of RTX Ada professional graphics cards including RTX 6000 Ada, RTX 5000 Ada, RTX 4500 Ada, RTX 4000 Ada and RTX 4000 Ada SFF.

In terms of parameters, RTX 6000 Ada has 18176 CUDA core and 48GB memory, RTX 5000 Ada has 12800 CUDA core and 32GB memory, RTX 4500 Ada has 7680 CUDA core and 24GB memory, and RTX 4000 Ada / SFF has 6144 CUDA core and 20GB memory.

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