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JetBrains AI announced: deeply integrate their own IDE, chat programming to write documents

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Thanks to netizen EdgeOS for the clue delivery! December 8 news, its own IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm and other IDE products JetBrains, issued an official press release yesterday, officially launched JetBrains AI.

It is reported that this is an AI tool dedicated to program development. JetBrains claims that this AI has functions such as "generating code", "interpreting code", "answering code-related questions" and "changing programming language". It claims to be able to "significantly improve the efficiency and quality of software development."

JetBrains claimed that JetBrains AI aims to solve a variety of problems encountered by developers in their daily work, including possible document review and "trial and error" process when writing code. Because JetBrains AI is deeply integrated with its own IDE, it can "accurately understand the developer's context and grasp the overall development content and project structure", thus providing developers with "useful insights". notes that the overall interface of JetBrains AI is a bit like the integration of ChatGPT and Copilot, where developers can either chat with input through dialog boxes or generate subsequent code directly based on specific code snippets in IDE.

▲ source Jetbrains official press release in addition, JetBrains AI also applies to refactoring tasks, although JetBrains IDE itself has refactoring capabilities, but this AI tool claims to be able to "further provide refactoring suggestions for potential code" and explain the reasons for refactoring.

Officially, the refactoring recommendations provided by JetBrains AI will be "based on code context and taking into account current project limitations", and when users decide to adopt AI recommendations, they can insert the relevant code directly and freely view the changes.

JetBrains said that users can use the AI through a subscription service, and the individual version costs $8.33 a month ( Note: currently about 60 yuan), and JetBrains AI is already available in IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, PhpStorm, ReSharper, Fleet and other IDE.

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