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Sci-fi thriller theme! The original crew of "Harvest Day" created a brand-new multiplayer cooperative shooting game.

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Den of Wolves is a multiplayer collaborative first-person shooter game in which players can rally like-minded friends, conspire and execute "mysterious operations" in a city called Midway City-to fight a global AI hacking crisis.

On December 8, Stockholm game development studio 10 Chambers released a new collaborative shooter. The studio's creators have previously made a name for themselves with PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2. Although the studio had previously hinted that it would "pick up the hardcore game theme," few details and names about the new work have been revealed. At this year's Game Awards, Ulf Andersson, founder and game director of 10 Chambers, officially unveiled the game titled Den of Wolves on stage.

Ulf Andersson, founder of the studio, said: "Looking back on our experience in making games, we mainly focused on classic co-op shooting themes. This book introduces innovation into science fiction elements, which will elevate the theme to a whole new level. After all, the plot of resistance battles in the past is limited, and Den of Wolves covers a wider range of scenarios-including corporate espionage, sabotage operations and assassination missions-to allow players to gain more experience in the game. "

In addition, the studio stated that the game has been in pre-production for more than two years, during which time a lot of time has been invested in world view construction and story setting.

The game is set in Midway City, an innovative metropolis in the North Pacific Ocean, built against the backdrop of a large company's artificial intelligence becoming a hacking tool that wreaks havoc around the world, triggering an economic collapse and a plunge in the dollar. Global cybersecurity reconstruction is imminent, backed by pharmaceutical and oil industry investment giants, developed a new concept of data transmission and storage: human brain-based biological systems, completely different from the traditional network architecture, become hackers artificial intelligence completely unable to access this system.

Simon Viklund, co-founder and Director of Narrative and Sound at 10 Chambers Studios, added: "While this game is not an open-world genre, we still value the worldview built into the game and provide storytelling content centered around islands. We want Midway City to present a true image of a near-future city where late capitalism has become rampant and rules are set entirely by corporations. As a player, you will live in the underground city, without any real identity or identification documents, just need to maintain loyalty, you can build your own network in the black market odd jobs in Midway City, and grow into an action expert. "

Den of Wolves is currently available on Steam as a PC version. Early Access, the team has taken into account host compatibility in the design and development process, and a host version may be announced in the future. However, the team has yet to announce an official release date for the game.

Players can now add Den of Wolves to their wish list on Steam. To learn more about Den of Wolves, visit official social platforms like Twitter, Discord, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, and join the Game Ambassador Program to get more game benefits.

PAYDAY THE HEIST® and PAYDAY 2® are registered trademarks of their respective owners and 10 Chambers AB has no association, affiliation, sponsorship and/or endorsement with them.

About 10 Chambers

10 Chambers was founded in 2015 as a game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio was founded by Ulf Andersson, who founded game developer Overkill Software and played a key role in the PAYDAY series. Chambers 'first original title, GTFO, was released in 2019 and is currently focusing on developing its second title, Den of Wolves.

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