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The final of the sixth TCTF New Star Game ended successfully, and "industry-university-research" jointly built the cradle of Wang'an talents.

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Shulou( Report--

On the afternoon of December 8, 2023, the final of the sixth Tencent Information Security Competition (TCTF) Nova Invitational tournament was successfully concluded in Shanghai. The AAA team from Zhejiang University won the championship, and the Redbud team and the United team NaN of Tsinghua University ranked second and second respectively.

AAA team of Zhejiang University won the championship.

The invited team "Spark CTF team", made up of Tencent Spark Program computer teenagers, also performed well in this competition. Although the team members had almost no CTF competition experience before, they also took the lead in solving the first problem in the competition and won the "Best Fashion Award."

(best Fashion Award: spark CTF team)

Ding Ke, vice president of Tencent, said in his speech that modern people's clothing, food, housing and transportation are almost completely inseparable from digital technology and applications, and network security work is related to whether social production and life can be carried out in an orderly manner. therefore, network security practitioners need to have excellent professional quality and become compound talents with both theoretical and practical skills. " TCTF has always been to network security personnel mining and training as its own responsibility, we will also continue this purpose, through the integration of all parties to promote the development of industry-university-research. "

Innovate the competition questions and feed the actual combat with CTF.

This year's TCTF competition still continues the problem-solving mode of the competition system. Tencent Security Keen Security Lab team, which is responsible for solving the problem, has rich experience in participating in top international competitions. The design of the competition takes into account cutting-edge science and technology and security hotspots. The high-quality and novel competition allows participants to challenge and experience real-world network security attack and defense technology in the process of solving problems, so as to achieve the goal of replacing training with competition and feeding actual combat.

It is worth mentioning that there is a special Misc problem in this competition, which is combined with the binary security intelligence analysis platform BinaryAI independently developed by Keen Security Lab to examine the team's ability to recognize the classical open source component analysis algorithms. During the competition, the team uploads a binary file to BinaryAI (binary Security Intelligence Analysis platform) for software component analysis, and the one that can be matched to the largest number of third-party libraries is the winner.

This question is also an innovation of the change of offensive and defensive posture that TCTF should carry out. As the industrialization level of IT is becoming more and more mature, a large number of third-party components are often introduced into the software development of modern enterprises, which not only avoids the work of "repeating wheels", but also introduces some risks from the supply chain, so SCA (Software Composition Analysis) has become a hot technical field in recent years. Tencent Security Keen Security Lab combines years of experience in the research of "AI + algorithm" and constantly upgrades the iterative function similarity matching model to launch a self-developed binary security intelligence analysis platform BinaryAI. The core capabilities of BinaryAI's algorithm engine have been simultaneously applied to a variety of Tencent security products.

Industry-university-research application to create a platform for cultivating compound talents

Digital security has become an important cornerstone of the high-quality development of digital economy. At the same time, the increasingly severe attack and defense situation has also increased the demand for sophisticated network security personnel. According to the data of the White Paper on the actual Combat capability of Network Security talents of the Ministry of Education, by 2027, the gap of network security personnel in China will reach 3.27 million, breaking down the barrier between theoretical education in colleges and universities and industry practice, and cultivating compound talents. it's increasingly becoming the key point to break the situation.

In 2017, Tencent Security launched the Tencent Information Security Competition (TCTF), which is committed to working with industry strategic partners to establish a professional security personnel training platform for industry-university-research cooperation. So far, TCTF has attracted more than 5000 teams from China, the United States, Russia, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries to participate in the competition, building a platform for young Chinese cyber security talents to learn and exchange with the world's top teams. TCTF has also won full praise from contestants on CTFTime for two years in a row for its high-quality questions and high-level organization.

At the same time, TCTF has also grown into the core position for the training of a new generation of network security in China. Tencent Security has carried out project cooperation with more than a dozen universities, including Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University, through the "competition instead of training" mechanism. Tencent Security and the joint CTF team of colleges and universities won the "net Security World Cup" DEF CON CTF global championship for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021.

In the future, Tencent Security will also continue to precipitate the achievements made over the years in school-enterprise cooperation and industrial integration, integrate the forces of all parties, and build an interactive dialogue platform among industries, universities, and security research institutions. Seek a better way to integrate "industrial research and application", accelerate the productivity transformation of network security talents, and help build a solid industrial security base.

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