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Alipay upgrade accessibility payment won "Shanghai Digital Technology Innovation Award"

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On December 7, the Shanghai Internet Association awarded Alipay a "Digital Technology Innovation Award" to encourage more Internet companies to upgrade barrier-free payment and innovative aging services. At the same time, Alipay also won the Outstanding practice Award for helping visually impaired users and the elderly to live and work conveniently. "Shanghai Internet comprehensive strength of the top 50 enterprises list" also disclosed on the same occasion, Alipay in the top 10.

On the same day, under the guidance of the Shanghai Communications Administration and the Shanghai Putuo District people's Government, and sponsored by the Shanghai Internet Association, the 2023 Shanghai Information and Communication Industry Aging and Barrier-free Development Exchange Conference, sponsored by the China Institute of Information and Communications, was successfully held in Shanghai. The organizers invited industry experts, enterprise representatives and user representatives to attend and present awards to encourage people from all walks of life to better help groups such as the elderly and the disabled improve their digital life experience and help them bridge the "digital divide".

Alipay has won the honor of Shanghai Internet Association in three projects:

-the top 50 enterprises with comprehensive Internet strength in Shanghai in 2023

"easy access" Aging and Information accessibility Outstanding practice Award

"Digital Technology Innovation Award" 2023 Shanghai Information and Communication Industry Aging and Information accessibility Service demonstration case

Previously, in view of the pain points such as difficulty in entering information and perceiving payment results for visually impaired users when using mobile payment, Alipay launched four product functions, such as voice input payment amount, voiceprint high-speed payment, uniform verification, and voice broadcasting, so that visually impaired users can complete the payment by hand and mouth, and the whole payment process can be heard and confirmed. "it's really convenient to use voice prints as passwords," Ms. Wang, a visually impaired user in Shanghai, said during the experience. " Master Zhou, a massage master for the blind in Hangzhou, said, "now after entering the amount of payment, the system will automatically prompt how much it is. There is no need to confirm it. This is very convenient."

Jin Ruimao, head of barrier-free payment products at Alipay, said that he will continue to promote the construction of a barrier-free environment for payment and provide equal and inclusive barrier-free services for the society.

In addition, Alipay has also launched the "elder payment reminder" function, launched the "blue vest" action to help the elderly, and created aging services such as digital pension service aggregation, to help silver-haired people feel more sense of security and happiness in the development of science and technology and information technology.

The award-winning Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ant Group, established in 2004, committed to the construction and development of an open digital payment platform, and put into practice the original intention of "payment for the people". Developed fast payment, bar code payment, facial scanning payment, QR code payment and other innovative payment technology It serves the digital payment needs in different scenarios such as business operation, convenient payment and transportation, provides payment service guarantee for more than 1 billion users and 80 million merchants, and promotes the vigorous development of the real economy.

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