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The ultimate image has been recognized by the authority again! Hisense TV won two innovative product awards of the year

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Shulou( Report--

On December 6, the 2023 (19th) China Audio and Video Industry Conference (AVF) and the presentation ceremony of the Science and Technology Innovation Award, sponsored by the China Electronic Video Industry Association, was held in Beijing. Hisense TV U8 and Hisense foldable laser TV L5K also won the most authoritative award in China's audio and video field-"2023 China Electronic Video Industry Association Science and Technology Innovation Award-innovative products Award".

At present, the upgrading of sound and painting experience based on scene is reshaping the competitive pattern of the display industry. As a leader in the display industry, Hisense Video is user-centered and scene-driven, and continues to promote high-end products and scene differentiation by virtue of technological innovation to meet the diversified display needs of users. As Hisense Video Vice President he can said on the spot, "technological innovation is not the goal, but to meet the differentiated needs of consumers is the ultimate goal."

Picture quality has always been the primary demand for users to choose and buy TV. However, due to the interference of ambient light, the display image quality enjoyed by users often varies greatly in different scenes such as day, night, shopping malls and so on. The award-winning Hisense TV U8, with the blessing of all-dimensional ambient light sensing and 16bits sensing and controlling ambient light technology, monitors the light environment and picture content in real time, and adjusts the picture quality parameters such as brightness and color temperature in real time to ensure a good picture quality in the real scene. In the ranking of the global authoritative evaluation organization ratings, Hisense TV U8 always occupies the highest score of LCD TV at the same price. In China, Hisense TV ULED X not only won the first prize of China quality Technology Award, the only display field, but also won the annual "Best 4K Mini LED" TV in the global high-end television live broadcast evaluation of Zhi Dian Lab for two consecutive years, continuously demonstrating Hisense TV's global innovation leadership in the field of Mini LED.

At the same time, as the pioneer of laser TV category, Hisense continues to improve the user experience through core component optimization and optical engine upgrade. Around the pain points of the super-large screen user scene, Hisense launched the world's first foldable laser TV and the world's first top-embedded laser cinema innovative products this year to create a large living room screen that can easily enter the home, integrate home, protect health eyes, and infinitely close to the cinema experience, and continue to expand the user scene with the most imaginative space.

Driven by technology and user thinking, Hisense TV, as a new benchmark of picture quality in the global color TV industry, is continuing to gain recognition from consumers around the world. In the first three quarters of this year, Hisense TV continued to stand second in the world with a year-on-year growth of 12.1 per cent, according to Omdia.

"with technology leadership and brand traction, we will provide global users with top multi-scene system display solutions to promote technological breakthroughs, application innovation and market popularization in the audio and video industry." He can said at the meeting.

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