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Beeper Cloud iMessage has restored service, but messages received during the outage cannot be restored

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Thank netizens non-Shadow Q for the clue delivery! news on December 9, Beeper officially announced that Beeper Cloud iMessage service has been restored, unfortunately, the messages received during the interruption cannot be restored. The official then issued a message again, saying that not all accounts were back in service.

It is worth noting that during the repair process, Beeper Mini logged out the user's mobile phone number from iMessage so that the user could continue to receive and send text messages. The iPhone message App "remembers" that the user is in a blue bubble state within 6-24 hours before returning to SMS, so some messages may not be sent during this period. In addition, officials have extended all seven-day probationary periods by one week. noted that Beeper Mini App launched Play Store on Tuesday, bringing a blue bubble experience to Android users. The Beeper Mini app completely reverse-engineered the iMessage protocol, which allows users to log in to their Apple ID account directly on the Android app.

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"less than a week after launch, Android Beeper Mini users reported that they could not send and receive iMessage messages."

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