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The 10th anniversary collection of little genius Z9 has made a big debut, giving children more love and strength.

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Following the limited edition of little genius's flagship Z6 collection and the little genius's flagship Z7 dream collection, little genius has once again partnered with Disney to launch the 10th anniversary collection of little genius Z9, which has a large number of iconic classic elements, bringing a unique and charming phone watch to help children grow up better.

The treasured money is integrated into the exquisite elements of ice and snow, creating a princess dream for children.

In order to help light up your child's princess dream and convey the spirit of love and bravery, Little Genius and Disney jointly customized a special gift box for the 10th anniversary of Frozen Castle, the flagship Z9 phone watch with its own ice-blue color and custom-themed dial. Through the joint name of the fantasy animation film Frozen, children can understand more clearly the importance of courage, friendship and family to self-growth.

Among them, the design of ice castle gift box can be said to be ingenious. When the child slowly unfolds the gift box of the ice castle, it seems to open the door of the ice and snow world, and the outline of the castle is revealed, bringing the child into the world of ice and snow fairy tales, incarnating into the brave and pure Princess Aisha.

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The 10th anniversary collection of little genius Z9 uses mysterious and dreamy ice-blue colors and embellished with sapphire blue wings, making this phone watch give people a deeper and brighter visual enjoyment.

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Little genius Z9 Ice and Snow Qiyuan 10th Anniversary Collection has three exclusive customized theme dials, which integrate the classic characters such as Princess Aisha and Xuebao, and add interactive special effects. to create a more immersive atmosphere of ice and snow fairy tales for children.

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Cooperate with international IP many times to become the leading brand that children aspire to.

For a long time, the vision of little genius has been to become a leading brand that children aspire to. In order to achieve this goal, little genius has invested a lot of resources and made great achievements in research and development, manufacturing, quality, design and other aspects.

Take the design as an example, the little genius pays special attention to being in line with the international big IP, and the customized products launched in cooperation with the popular IP, such as Hornet, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ice and Snow Qiyuan, and China Aerospace Creative ideas, not only show the small genius high-quality, international brand image, but also enhance the brand popularity and yearning degree of the small genius in the children and youth user group.

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Of course, the reason why a little genius can become a leading brand that children aspire to is also inseparable from its excellent quality. Take the 10th anniversary collection of Little Genius Z9 as an example, it has passed more than 150 laboratory reliability tests such as 20-meter waterproof test and 1.2-meter drop height test, and can accompany the child's continuous growth with excellent quality.

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The 10th Anniversary Collection of Little Genius Z9 also supports the full scene positioning function and the all-day health monitoring function, which allows parents to master the high-precision location of their children, as well as their children's physical status information, and is a good helper for parents to protect their children.

Create for love, focus on creating trend-leading high-quality children's smart products

For a long time, the little genius is full of love and responsibility to create a series of high-quality smart products for children. A small genius who insists on innovation in the field of product research and development and technical design has achieved subversive breakthroughs in appearance and function many times.

The film Frozen, with its unique storyline, superb animation technology and touching soundtrack, has become one of the top ten top-grossing animated films in the world, causing widespread concern and heated discussion. Among them, the beautiful and brave Princess Aisha has become an idol in the eyes of countless children.

"Frozen" conveys the spirit of love and brave growth, which is highly consistent with the concept of "creating for love", so the two sides have launched a number of joint products.

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The original intention of the 10th anniversary collection of little genius Z9 is to make customized products through "Frozen" IP, so that children can more deeply understand that family affection and friendship are important factors of selfless dedication and mutual support, can provide strength for each other in times of difficulty, and is an important driving force for self-growth.

The 10th anniversary collection of Little Genius Z9 will go on sale on December 8 at a price of 1999 yuan.

Parents who want to buy or upgrade phone watches for their children can go to Little Genius offline stores, official malls and major e-commerce platforms. It is believed that in the company of the 10th anniversary collection of the little genius Z9, who has the blessing of Princess Aisha's "magic", the child will become more brave, confident and grow up more happily and healthily.

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