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The unlisted prototype of a well-known brand was leaked, and the Songshan Lake Public Security Bureau cracked a case of infringing trade secrets.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Li Mingyi for his clue delivery! December 10 news, according to innovative Songshan Lake official account news, Songshan Lake Public Security Bureau recently successfully cracked a case of infringement of trade secrets.

In August, the economic investigation brigade of the Songshan Lake Public Security Bureau received materials submitted by an enterprise showing that the company's global unlisted prototypes had been leaked physical photos and videos. The unlisted product belongs to a well-known brand, and the impact caused by the disclosure of trade secrets is inestimable.

Tuyuan Innovation Songshan Lake official account (the same below) Songshan Lake Public Security Bureau after several rounds of careful investigation, several people who were significantly related to the case were gradually identified, among which T, the enterprise's prototype production supervisor, was particularly suspicious. After many cross-provincial forensics, the chain of evidence is gradually complete, and several masterminds behind T also emerge. learned from innovative Songshan Lake that the mastermind of the incident, K and C, all had a record of manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods, engaged in the processing of products around the goods involved, and conspired to steal trade secrets in order to seize the market opportunity. T was bribed by K with high bribes to steal the prototype to provide a physical model for the gang. After the incident, T, at the instigation of K, carried out anti-reconnaissance confrontation with investigators.

After 3 months of inter-provincial investigation and manhunt, T and K are finally unable to escape legal sanctions. At present, a number of suspects involved in the case have been implemented compulsory measures, and the case is under further processing.

As a result, the enterprises involved made timely repairs and solemnly sent a thank-you letter to the Songshan Lake Public Security Bureau.

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