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The long-lasting version of Tesla Model Y has been sold out in the domestic market this year, and the other two models are also nearly sold out.

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December 11 news, Tesla electric vehicles in the world's major markets have a good demand, but also basically no cars to pick up, consumers need to wait for a period of time after booking.

Towards the end of the previous few years, some of Tesla's models would be sold out in several markets, and the electric cars ordered by consumers would not be delivered until the coming year.

According to Tesla's official website, the long-range version of dual-motor all-wheel drive Model Y has been sold out in the domestic market this year.

On Tesla's official website, we are now ordering a long-lasting version of Model Y, which is expected to be delivered in 6-8 weeks, but there are only three weeks left this year, which means that this Model Y has been sold out in the domestic market this year, and the next consumers who order it will not be delivered until next year.

In addition to the long-lasting version, the Model Y currently sold by Tesla in China, as well as the rear-wheel drive version and dual-motor all-wheel drive high-performance version, both of which are now scheduled for delivery time of 2-6 weeks, are also nearly sold out this year.

However, in the US market, the Model Y has not been sold out this year, and the current order shows that the expected delivery time of the three versions is December, and orders have not yet been scheduled for next year.

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