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Xiaopeng car goes online to crack down on charging pile "dominant position" 2.0, and those who "do not change after repeated teachings" are prohibited from using all self-supporting stations in the country.

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, in August this year, Xiaopeng issued a notice on its official App, saying that it would crack down on the "overriding" behavior of charging piles. If a car owner is found to be "seated", Xiaopeng will remind the car owner through information, telephone and other means, and charge according to 1 yuan per minute starting from the occupation of the seat. If the car owner does not pay the fee on time, it will affect its normal use in the Xiaopeng self-charging station. In addition, Xiaopeng also set aside 30 minutes in case the owner could not draw his gun in time after completing the charging.

Xiaopeng announced today that through online cloud monitoring and offline patrol inspection, the vehicle occupancy problem has dropped by 40% since the launch of "strike hard 1.0" three months ago.

Xiaopeng Automobile said that it decided to upgrade its management again, and that it would not be lenient to the "diehards of place holders" and severely cracked down on the charging pile "dominant position" 2.0 on the line.

For the placeholder who still "refuses to change" after the first reminder and fine, he will not be able to lock and start the charging equipment at any Xiaopeng self-management station in the country.

Xiaopeng said that if it occupies the charging space / charging gun without charging for a long time, or does not drive the vehicle out of the parking space in time after the charging is completed, it has one of the above situations, and the relevant fees (such as "space occupation fee") have not been paid beyond a specific time limit. Xiaopeng Automobile will include it in the blacklist of charging equipment in Xiaopeng's self-charging platform.

In addition, Xiaopeng Motor will monitor through multiple channels, detect or confirm the occurrence of space-occupying behavior, and will remind car owners through text messages / App messages. notes that restricted users receive reminders when landing locks or starting charging, as shown in the following figure.

Xiaopeng Motor also invites the vast number of Pengyou to maintain a good charging order. If you find that "malicious occupation" behavior, you can use the following four ways to let the occupants move the car as soon as possible:

1. Call 114 for feedback

2. Dial the mobile phone number left by the car owner

3. Search for "one click to move a car" in the Alipay search bar, click one button to move the car-easy to move the car, and enter relevant information

4. Wechat-City Services-Traffic Control-parking and moving-vehicle transfer Application, enter relevant information

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