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One-click outbound app function to experience the super-convenient Huawei to enjoy 70 shining debut

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The operating system is like the smart brain of a mobile phone, bringing users a smarter, more efficient and more personalized user experience. The HarmonyOS 4 system launched by Huawei this year has broken the interactive limitations of the traditional operating system, so that the operating experience of many Huawei terminals has been improved by leaps and bounds, and has been widely praised by users.

On December 7, Huawei Changxian 70, the newest member of Huawei Changhuang series, was officially launched. It not only has excellent performance such as 6000mAh Huawei Whale battery life system and enjoy X keys, but also can be upgraded to HarmonyOS 4. Through HOTA upgrade support notification center, live information window and other rich functions, it brings users efficient, intelligent and smooth daily use experience, and really becomes the intimate partner in the whole scene life.

New notification center: the message is clear at a glance, farewell dazzling

In the past, when people were so busy with their work, they often didn't bother to check the news, and when they were free, they worried about omitting important information, so they had no choice but to browse from beginning to end, from social communications, notification messages to daily tweets of various apps. Dazzled.

After upgrading the system to HarmonyOS 4, Huawei Changxiang 70 supports a new notification center, which presents a clear text and a clearer information structure, which greatly improves the reading efficiency. The new notification center no longer lists notifications in chronological order, but ranks the importance of notifications, placing important notifications such as real-time service status and social communications at the top, while other notifications are displayed in a unified area. the priority of the information is clear at a glance.

When users check their mobile phones after work, they can always give priority to important notices such as missed calls and meeting notices, followed by irrelevant contents such as shopping push and live broadcast notifications, making daily affairs more relaxed and comfortable.

Live information window: real-time application processes to control key developments

In order to make it easier for users to manage live notifications, Huawei Changxiang 70 upgrades HarmonyOS 4 to support a magical small window-"live window", which can present the status of each process in different suspension windows, creating a large screen and multi-process capsules, so that key dynamics are visible in real time. In the case of capsule stacking, the system will not interrupt the current task. Users can switch to the card form by clicking on the live window capsule shape in the status bar to view more comprehensive application live information and further operation.

Unlike the multitasking mode of other operating systems, the information live window provides a real real-time experience. When users order takeout every day, the takeout software can display the status of "serving, picking up, and delivery" in real time on Huawei's 70 live window. Even in the lock screen, users can easily know when the food will be ready and when it has been delivered. Will not allow the food to cool in the takeout cabinet, and enjoy the beauty of the "present tense".

At the same time, Huawei Changxiang 70 also has an intimate function of caring for the elderly, supporting the adjustment of three-file enlarged display of fonts, and displaying larger application icons and fonts with one click, so that the elders can see more clearly and manipulate more easily and smoothly.

Huawei Changxiang 70 as a new member of Huawei enjoyable series, in addition to the HarmonyOS 4 blessed notification center, live information window and other intelligent functions and new games, but also has 6000mAh Huawei giant whale battery life system, super battery life, lasting more peace of mind; support to enjoy the X key, let the function respond quickly. Using 256GB super storage [1], users can easily store more photos and songs, bid farewell to the pain points when storing files, and bring an immersive audio-visual experience with a 6.75inch AOD audio-visual screen. If you are looking for a cost-effective smartphone, Huawei 70 will be a good choice.

[1] there is another option for 128GB. Because mobile phone software, system and so on will take up memory space, the available storage capacity is less than this value.

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