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It is reported that the new Nvidia RTX 40 Super series graphics card will be released on January 9 next year and will be available gradually from January 17.

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Shulou( Report-- December 14, CES 2024 will be held from January 10 to 13 next year, but now it seems that Nvidia would prefer to launch a new generation of RTX 40 Super series graphics cards before CES.

According to Bobantang, Nvidia plans to unveil its new RTX 40 Super series graphics cards, including RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070Ti Super and RTX 4070 Super models, on January 8, with shipments from major brands around the second half of January.

Combined with @ ancient ape news, RTX 4070 Super will be on shelves on January 17, RTX 4070 Ti Super on January 24, RTX 4080 Super on January 31, and the corresponding public domain will be lifted one day earlier.

According to Bobantang, RTX 4080 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super will replace RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 Ti after release, but unlike RTX 4070 Super, it will coexist with RTX 4070 for some time. collates the parameters of the RTX 40 Super series graphics cards revealed so far as follows:

RTX 4080 Super 16GB:999 USD, 6% faster than RTX 4080. This graphics card is based on AD103-400GPU, has 10240 CUDA cores, 256bit bus bit width, and provides the effective bandwidth of 768GB/s (24Gbps G6X), with a TDP of 320W.

RTX 4070 Ti Super 16GB: $799,849, 14-22% faster than RTX 4070 Ti. This graphics card is based on AD103-275 / AD102-175GPU, similar to 4080 Super, has 8448 CUDA cores, uses 256bit video memory, and has a speed of about 21-22.4Gbps, so the effective bandwidth is only slightly less than 4080 Super.

RTX 4070 Super 12GB:599~649 USD, performance close to RTX 4070 Ti this graphics card is based on AD104-4070 / AD103-175GPU, has 7168 cores, nearly 21% more than RTX 4070, uses 192bit GDDR6X memory, speed 21Gbps, and bandwidth of 504GB/s.

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