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Netizens reported that "facial paralysis patients, disabled elderly, etc., were blocked because they were unable to do 'facial scanning'," the three departments replied.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, according to the Chinese government website on December 15, recently, some netizens reported that facial paralysis patients and disabled elderly people were prevented from going to the bank or using health insurance App because they were unable to "scan their faces." it is suggested that banks, health insurance and other public services should "take a step forward" to improve identification and reflect the "temperature" of the service. attached the following responses from the people's Bank of China, National Healthcare Security Administration and the China disabled Persons' Federation after receiving messages from netizens transferred by the Chinese government network:

Cui * * (mobile phone number 4307), a netizen from Jiangsu Province, reported that her mother has severe Alzheimer's disease and can no longer blink and shake her head according to the prompts of face recognition, but she has to print her salary and change her mobile phone number in the bank. Face recognition is necessary.

In response, the people's Bank of China replied that the people's Bank of China attached great importance to the difficulties in the use of intelligent technology for the elderly and the disabled, and did not impose mandatory requirements on face recognition verification. In view of the risks that may be brought about by the application of face recognition technology, the Financial Science and Technology Application risk Tip is issued to urge financial institutions to apply face recognition technology reasonably in combination with practice. When it is really necessary to apply face recognition technology to carry out financial services, static passwords and dynamic verification codes should be combined with terminal hardware and financial scenarios to carry out multi-factor cross-verification, so as to effectively ensure the security of users' funds and information. Improve the security intensity of financial transactions. At the same time, the Mobile Financial client Application Software accessibility Service Construction Plan was issued to guide financial institutions to focus on the daily high-frequency financial scenarios of special groups, to create more than 1100 barrier-free financial App, such as caring version, voice version and large character version, and to continuously improve the availability and satisfaction of financial services.

A netizen Nan * (mobile phone number 5794) from Jiangsu Province reported that his father wanted to summarize the health insurance expenditure details of the current year through the health insurance App for personal tax deduction, but when the family account was bound through the national health insurance service platform App, because the father could not blink or turn his head, face recognition was not successful and could not be processed.

Shen * * (mobile phone number ended with 5787), a netizen from Sichuan Province, reflects that he is a disabled person who cannot bind his health insurance card because he is disfigured and unable to recognize his face.

In response, National Healthcare Security Administration replied that in order to better cope with the current trend of aging population and facilitate access to "Internet + Medical Insurance" service for special groups who cannot pass online identity verification, National Healthcare Security Administration insisted on the parallel of traditional service mode and intelligent service innovation. Combined with the needs of the masses, functions such as "offline activation of medical insurance code" and "offline binding of family accounts" are launched. Participants and their families in need can go to the insurance agency where the staff can assist in activating the medical insurance code or binding the family account. At present, 32 provincial health insurance information platforms across the country have supported the "offline activation of medical insurance code" function, and 426,000 insured persons have activated the medical insurance code offline; the latest version of the medical insurance electronic voucher center has launched the "offline binding of family accounts" function, which can be officially enabled after the provincial platform is updated and upgraded.

Dai * *, a netizen from Shanghai (the mobile number ends with 4520), reflects that many platforms now require facial scanning to verify, which is easy for normal people, but impossible for people with facial disabilities. You want to add other ways to verify your identity.

In response, the China disabled Persons' Federation replied that the outline of the 14th five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the people's Republic of China and long-term goals for 2035 will "promote the universal application of digital services, continue to enhance the sense of access of the public", "speed up the construction of information accessibility, and help the elderly and the disabled to share digital life". The 14th five-year Plan for the Protection and Development of Persons with Disabilities of the State Council clearly stipulates that "we will promote telecommunications services that are convenient and inclusive, speed up the construction of information accessibility such as government affairs, public services, e-commerce and electronic navigation, and speed up the popularization of Internet websites, mobile Internet applications and self-service public service equipment."

The notice of the State Council on issuing the Digital economy Development Plan of the 14th five-year Plan puts forward that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of information accessibility and enhance the ability of digital social services to special groups. Since 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has begun to implement the special campaign for the accessibility of websites and App. So far, 1924 websites and App have been upgraded and evaluated. Article 32 of the accessibility Law, which was formally implemented on September 1, 2023, clearly stipulates that the state encourages Internet websites and mobile Internet applications in the fields of news and information, social communications, life shopping, health care, financial services, learning, education, transportation, etc., and gradually comply with barrier-free website design standards and national information accessibility standards.

What needs to be explained to you is that at present, the core of face recognition technology in China is mainly iris recognition, and there is no unified national standard. Although the website and App accessibility campaign have promoted relevant enterprises to add functions such as voice prompts, voice reading screens, and providing text messages to achieve identity verification according to the needs of the blind and deaf, this work needs to be continuously promoted for a long time, and at this stage can not fully meet the diversified needs of the people.

In the future, we will further strengthen our work. First, we will cooperate with relevant functional departments to take more effective measures to encourage relevant enterprises to provide more authentication methods, such as audio verification codes and gesture verification codes, so as to facilitate people with disabilities to handle financial services and participate in social life. The second is to implement the Law on Building an accessible Environment, and in accordance with the requirements of the 14th five-year Plan for the Construction of accessible Environment jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China disabled Persons' Federation and other 13 departments, and the guidance on promoting Information accessibility jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China disabled Persons' Federation, promote the relevant provincial and municipal websites and App accessibility transformation, and constantly expand the coverage of the website and App accessibility transformation.

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