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AITO asks about the release date of M9 to determine the leading intellectual strength of Cyrus to protect it.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 14, AITO Inquiries M9 officially announced that it will be launched on December 26,2023. As a heavyweight model of the year, AITO M9 not only has visible full size, full intelligence, full scene and other excellent product power, but also obtains the deep power of leading intelligent manufacturing capability of Celis automobile in the dimensions of quality and reliability invisible to consumers.

3000 + Robot Intelligent Collaboration

Selex Auto Smart Factory is built to exceed international leading standards and fully applies intelligent technology to realize the interconnection of production equipment and data. A total of more than 3000 robots intelligent collaboration, the number of robots industry first, effectively improve production efficiency and product quality.

Servo press + single-arm manipulator + parts automatic framing + whole line closed industry top flow configuration, not only to ensure the stability and consistency of parts quality, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of the whole vehicle. At the same time, the application of a large number of robot intelligent equipment makes the automation rate of key processes up to 100%, reaching the highest level in the industry, comprehensively covering welding, riveting, gluing, measurement, quality monitoring and electrical automation control, etc., meeting flexible production and ensuring the high quality and high reliability of the car body.

In addition, in combination with the development trend of new intelligent network-connected automobile technology in the future, Selis Automobile Smart Factory adopts forward-looking assembly technology and vehicle inspection technology, cooperates with digital twin and 3D visualization technology to guide production, accurately matches the whole vehicle technology, and greatly improves the assembly efficiency and quality of the whole vehicle.

Leading integrated die-casting technology

9000T integrated die casting process, as one of the core technologies of intelligent manufacturing, can effectively realize efficient production, lightweight, high safety and cost reduction. The highly integrated integrated die-casting design can greatly reduce the connection between parts and components, improve the overall stiffness and strength of the body, and improve the safety performance of the body.

Through the world's leading 9000T integrated die casting machine, the rear body can reduce nearly 80 parts, achieving the highest integration degree among integrated die casting parts on the market, effectively reducing the total weight of the body, reducing the complexity of manufacturing, greatly improving production efficiency, and effectively improving vehicle endurance and energy saving efficiency.

It is reported that many years ago, Sailisi Automobile has begun to lay out aluminum alloy raw materials, mechanical properties of integrated cast aluminum, molding technology, connection technology, etc., and cooperated with partners to promote the industrialization of large-tonnage integrated die-casting technology. The application of the world's leading super-large 9000T die-casting technology undoubtedly puts Celis in the forefront of the industry again, making AITO ask the world M9 technology car emperor more worthy of the name.

Industry-first quality automation

In the detection link, Selis Automobile Smart Factory applies the industry-first quality automation test technology to carry out full-process physical examination on parts, systems and vehicle quality from supplier end, manufacturing link and off-line link, realizing 100% full inspection of vehicles,"CT scanning" of whole body, automatic cloud of vehicle test data, generation report of 10,000 + signal cloud big data comparison, forming "one vehicle," and only 100% qualified can be delivered from the factory.

A number of technological innovations have made the "intelligent manufacturing" strength of Selis Automobile Smart Factory deeply recognized by the industry. It has been successfully selected into the list of units and excellent scenarios of "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory in 2023" publicized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has stood out in the green manufacturing list in 2023, and has been rated as a national green supply chain management enterprise.

Zhang Xinghai, chairman (founder) of Selex Automobile, once said:"Selex Automobile has always focused its business on physical manufacturing, supported by core technology, deeply promoted the boutique strategy, and provided users with the ultimate service of the whole life cycle of vehicles. "Relying on its strong intelligent manufacturing strength, Celis Automobile has helped AITO to become the benchmark of intelligent network new energy vehicles. Let us wait and see how its future market performance will be.

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