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The game against addiction has entered a new stage. Tencent Games and other enterprises actively build a new system for the protection of minors.

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On the morning of December 14, the 2023 annual meeting of China Game Industry, sponsored by the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, the Administrative Committee of Guangzhou Development Zone and the people's Government of Huangpu District of Guangzhou, was successfully held in Guangzhou. This year, there are 13 sub-forums under the annual meeting of the game industry, among which the sub-forum on the protection of minors, which has been held for 4 years in a row, has no longer been set up separately. With the basic solution of the problem of minors' game addiction in our country, the focus of the conference has shifted from minors' game prevention to creating boutique games, improving network literacy, focusing on game science and technology, and so on.

At the "Game responsibility" sub-forum, Zhang Yijun, first vice chairman of the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association and chairman of the Game work Committee, officially released the "2023 Progress report on the Protection of minors in China's Game Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "the report"). The report shows that the consumption of minors' games has been further reduced, with 28.86 percent of underage game users reducing their consumption. It is also pointed out that the problem of excessive games played by minors has been effectively improved, and the game industry has entered a new stage of preventing addiction.

"2023 Progress report on the Protection of minors in China's Game Industry" released

The problem of minors' excessive games has been effectively improved, and the prevention of addiction is no longer the focus of the industry.

In his speech at the forum, Zhang Yijun mentioned that game companies have made remarkable progress in real name authentication, anti-addiction system, health tips and parental monitoring in recent years. In the future, the industry should actively carry out science popularization and educational guidance activities, transmit correct network behavior, standardize safety knowledge, and improve minors' network literacy. Only by taking multiple measures can we create a healthy cyberspace and ensure the healthy growth of minors.

The report points out that since the implementation of the "830 New rules", "measures against underage game timeouts have achieved remarkable results, and the problem of minors' excessive games has been effectively improved."

From the perspective of public opinion, domestic attention to the time limit for minors has dropped by nearly 70%. According to the Baidu Index, the monthly average of searches for the keyword "underage game time limit" showed a continuous downward trend from 2022 to 2023, reflecting that the prevention of addiction is no longer the focus of the game industry.

From the perspective of game consumption, minors' game consumption and consumption level have been further reduced. The report says that 28.86% of underage game users consume less, which is higher than the proportion of users who consume more, and minors are less willing to spend on games. From the arrangement of rest time activities, in the survey of minors'"what will they do during their rest time", the data show that "playing online games" ranks only sixth.

As the problem of minors addicted to games has been effectively solved, the attention of the industry is shifting from game anti-addiction to game technology. During the China 喜悦 period this year, the theme of China International Digital Entertainment Industry Conference (CDEC) was "reconstructing the digital intelligence ecology to capture the changing value", which reflected that the industry paid more attention to the change potential brought about by cutting-edge science and technology such as artificial intelligence; while this year's annual meeting of the game industry did not set up a separate sub-forum for the protection of minors, which also showed that games against addiction is no longer the focus of the industry.

Zhang Yijun, first vice chairman of China Association of Audio, Video and Digital Publishing and chairman of the Game work Committee.

Protection of minors enters a new stage, Tencent builds a leading industry protection system

Since the State Press and publication Administration issued the notice on further strict Management and effective Prevention of minors from indulging in online Games (hereinafter referred to as the "830 New rules") in August 2021, the work of underage civil air defense addiction in the game industry has achieved phased results. as a whole, we have built up the most advanced and efficient anti-addiction system in the world.

Game enterprises in China are also actively involved in the protection of minors and have carried out a large number of useful practices through independent exploration. Among them, as early as 2017, Tencent Games took the lead in building an anti-addiction system covering the whole process of minors' games "beforehand-during-the-event-afterwards" to promote the innovative development of juvenile protection through game technology. The report mentioned that Tencent Games's work on the protection of minors covers many aspects, such as technical restrictions, parental services, public welfare assistance, and so on. In terms of consumption restrictions, Tencent Games is the only leading manufacturer in the industry that is stricter than the "ban on charging under the age of 8" required by the competent authorities.

Based on the idea of "blocking and combining thinning", Tencent Games also launched the "intellectual and physical double hundred" plan to provide "future classrooms" and "future playgrounds" for urban and rural children, provide support in both science, education and sports for urban and rural schools, and enrich children's extracurricular choices. As of August 2023, the "Intelligent body two hundred" project has landed a total of 71 future classrooms and sports fields, covering 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, with more than 60,000 classes and more than 2.6 million teachers and students participating. In addition, public welfare activities such as Tencent Quding, the first lesson of AI programming and "Master Lecture for Children" are also being carried out in an orderly manner.

Tech for Good, game enterprises promote the innovative development of the protection of minors

At the forum, representatives from game enterprises such as Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Sheng fun Games, Kaiying Network, Miha Tour, Pork City, etc., shared many useful attempts of game enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities from their own practice.

Su Panhui, the producer of Tencent Interactive Entertainment League of Legends National Service, shared it with the theme of "Tech for Good, make the world a little warmer". He said that the "Guardian Project" launched by League of Legends will work with the China Rural Development Association to carry out "love package" and "love kitchen" projects between 2022 and 2023. Among them, the "love package" project brings more than 100000 love packages, such as art bags and Kechuang bags, to children in underdeveloped areas. The "caring Kitchen" project has completed caring kitchens for 45 schools in underdeveloped areas, benefiting nearly 23000 students.

Su Panhui, the producer of Tencent Interactive Entertainment League of Legends National Service.

Liu Jie, Senior Director of NetEase Game Social responsibility Promotion Center, shared NetEase's case in exploring new game public welfare forms and juvenile protection practice, enabling minors' network protection in an all-round way by means of content ecological construction, access to AI protection and patrol technology, and face recognition.

Guo Zhen, party committee secretary of Shengqu Games, introduced the practice of Shengqu Games in cultural heritage, game technology empowerment, social welfare, and juvenile protection. He believes that in the face of the continuous evolution of the digital age, game enterprises should improve their internal skills, explore sustainable social welfare activities, and explore the path of sustainable development to fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

In the round-table discussion session, Lu Xiaokun, executive president of Guangdong Game Industry Association, Lou Gang, president of Culture and Art Exchange Promotion Association, Wen Hanqing, vice president of network, and Zhang Junwei, director of social responsibility of Panax Notoginseng Mutual Entertainment, conducted in-depth discussions on the protection of minors.

"in recent years, Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment has actively explored effective ways of enterprise empowerment network literacy education, and conducted network literacy education through official platform channels, online open courses, offline public welfare courses, etc., to guide minors to correctly view and use the Internet, and to help minors establish healthy and scientific Internet habits." Zhang Junwei said that underage protection work needs to include the voices of all relevant parties and work together to govern.

Under the tide of the rapid development of the Internet, minors are transforming from "guardians" to pioneers in the digital age, and game anti-addiction has also changed from "focus problem" to "historical problem". In the face of a new journey, the game industry needs to make unremitting efforts to create a more constructive protection program for minors and work together to protect the healthy growth of minors.

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