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With a 5-day countdown, I like the 2023 fourth China Enterprise Live Innovation Summit to lock you!

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Hosted by Weizan and attended by important guests such as Tencent Cloud, Huawei Yun, Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, Sophia, Guizhou Sanyan Culture and Meitian Yan Society, the 2023 fourth China Enterprise Live Broadcasting Innovation Summit will kick off online at 14:00 on December 20.

The summit event will be broadcast live online by Weizan. At the same time, the event will be broadcast live simultaneously on Sina Weibo, Kuaishou, Baidu,, MgKe, Venture, iqiyi, Sou Yue Live, first Video and other platforms. Tencent Video, Sohu Video, Douyin, Toutiao, Sina Weibo, Zhihu, Youku, iqiyi, Baidu, Zhongsuoyue, Kuaishou, good video, Douyu, Huya, bilibili, video number and other platforms broadcast live synchronously.

Highlight one: a gathering of important guests

With the topic of "gathering industries to meet change and high growth", this conference will jointly discuss how to focus on audio and video, industry, sports events, home appliances and other industries under the technological innovation of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. Explore the new growth and marketing practices brought about by the integration of live broadcast technology.

Technology leads, live broadcast releases value potential

With the rise of AI, AIGC and other technologies, how to upgrade 3D virtual technology to AI + live streaming application scenarios, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises? What innovations and business opportunities will the changes in live broadcast technology bring to the service model? How does the new AI live broadcast technology enable the efficiency of enterprises?

Weizan has led the Chinese corporate live broadcast service market for five years in a row, according to iResearch. Zhou Pengpeng, founder and CEO of WeChat, will share how WeChat Live enables various industries to unleash their commercial potential from the perspective of technology and services. With the integration of new technology and live track, and the content of service and technology, we are about to catch a glimpse of Mr. Zhou's sharing.

Integration of data and reality, technology-driven scene upgrade

At present, social entertainment, wisdom, industry, culture and travel and other industries have entered the era of Internet +, the traditional industry audio and video demand shows an explosive trend, exploring the possibility of application in different industries.

Committed to the combination of audio and video innovation technology and industry applications, and exploring the integration and innovation of audio and video technology in marketing scenarios, Cui Lipeng, director of Tencent Cloud Audio and Video products, a domestic cloud ecological head cloud computing service provider, will provide us with an in-depth analysis of how audio and video technology drives industry scenarios for innovation and upgrading, bringing efficient business growth.

Create connections and enlighten ideas

With the continuous innovation of mobile media, the changes of users' habits and modes of communication, and the integration of live television and new media technology, how can content innovation and traffic break out of the tight encirclement and "acceleration" in the global era?

This conference will invite Zhao Kun, deputy director of the people's livelihood Program Department of the whole Media Center of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, to share the theme of "Cross-media Live Journey of people's livelihood News" for us. Starting from their own practice, in-depth analysis of financial media how to create trump card programs and other explosive cases? How does people's livelihood news develop creatively through the combination of cross-media and live broadcasting? Shenzhen Radio and Television Group all Media Center will bring the first line of actual combat sharing.

Push through the old and bring forth the new, explore the new needs of outdoor events

In recent years, the state has issued new regulations to lead the future development of China's outdoor sports industry. With the increasingly close integration of sports and sports tours such as village BA and village super, it further promotes the development of live broadcast of outdoor sports events. In this regard, how to release the vitality of sports and sports events? Find a breakthrough in the integration of new needs and technology in sports and sports events?

Based on this, Yu Qingyang, director of live broadcast of outdoor sports events of Sanyan Culture in Guizhou, will discuss with us at this summit to create a new content scene under the mode of outdoor sports through live broadcast, and describe how to transmit it in real time through live broadcast technology. to optimize the picture presentation? From the point of view of the industry track, the topic of the speech will reveal the way to break the game of outdoor sports events and the new business opportunities for the development of live broadcast of outdoor sports events.

Deep empowering, helping to digitize the new experience

With the advent of the 3D Internet era, digital technology is deeply integrated into the application scene of thousands of industries. How can enterprises realize digital transformation? Explore the ways of digital content innovation? How to use technology plus virtual live streaming to enjoy the digital experience and create commercial success?

At this conference, Huawei Cloud Live Product Director Xu Jianshu was also invited to bring us the topic of "Audio and Video + to facilitate the new experience of enterprise digitization". With Huawei Cloud MetaStudio enabling enterprise team technology fulcrum, Xu Jianshu will break through the technical barrier of innovative play of live broadcast team. How to deeply empower government and enterprises to upgrade through real-time audio and video + AI + digital people? How to help the enterprise to get customers through the practical cases of digital people.

Marketing break through and reveal the traffic password

In the stock era, the refined private domain live broadcast mode has also become the key to break the situation of enterprise traffic. At present, the total number of fans of Sophia's accounts on various platforms has exceeded 20 million, and the conversion volume continues to rise, and the private domain is becoming a new performance growth point for the brand, which makes Sophia a model for the furniture industry to play with private domain.

How to seize more market share? Attract people with great consumption potential? Quickly increase sales performance? This Congress invited qu Yongtian, general manager of Sophia SOFIER, who has a keen insight into innovative formats and forward-looking, to lead us to explore new marketing breakthroughs and reveal how real enterprises use private live broadcasting to explore core growth points and achieve performance growth.

Explosive tasting, a new engine for private domain operation growth

The combination of big data, artificial intelligence technology and live streaming also makes live content more three-dimensional, and at the same time helps live streaming become a popular marketing method. Meitianyan Society exceeded 10 million in Singles 11 live broadcast in 2023, with an average GMV of 6 million + per private live broadcast. Through high-quality traffic selection and content innovation, voice volume and sales volume have been improved in an all-round way.

Zhang Jinliang, marketing director of Meitian Learning Society, combined with his own practical experience, shared "how to use a wool card to pry tens of millions of live broadcast results", revealing for us the in-depth operation of the whole link private domain and doing long-term growth for the enterprise.

Experience is king, integrate innovation and construct growth curve

Covering people, goods, and market, AI has obviously quietly invaded all aspects of LVB with goods. After being reconstructed by AI, how much room is there for LVB to bring goods? With the increase of "science and technology content", what kind of influence and change will it bring to the live broadcast?

These answers will be answered in Weizan Vice President he Zuheng's theme sharing "AI Convergence Live, Building a New engine of the Enterprise's second growth Curve". He always has 10 billion-level capital flow of product design and rich team management experience, and starts from his own practice. We will share with you how AI drives corporate private LVB, how to create creative LVB content, and how to make the content generate more value.

Highlight 2: the selection result was announced, and the 2023 live broadcast influence list was awarded.

In addition to the tuyere theme, the forward-looking and interpretation of the practical information of the heavyweight guests, the "2023 Live influence list (Vzan Awards)" is also the focus of this summit.

This year's selection ceremony covers multi-dimensional award categories such as annual outstanding business value, brand marketing circle, outstanding influence, new power of content and quality live broadcast service team. The awards cover many industries such as pharmaceutical industry, digital marketing, cloud technology, live broadcast of radio and television, strategic consulting and so on. And adhering to the principles of openness, fairness and justice, we selected the most distinctive, outstanding and valuable broadcast rooms in various industries.

It is reported that the winners of [2023 Live influence list (Vzan Awards)] will be announced online after the summit guests share, and trophies and certificates will be sent offline to the winners. In addition, the award-winning studio will also receive the relevant rights and interests given by Weizan.

Highlight 3: full of practical information, many generous gifts and benefits.

In order to live up to everyone's enthusiasm and expectations, according to the usual practice, the live broadcast of this summit not only has wonderful practical information, but also prepares rich surprise benefits:

Philips toothbrush, exquisite tea gift box, millet humidifier, notebook gift box, Huawei bracelet 8, Xiaomi love speaker, Yu Bo mobile power supply, thermostatic water cup and micro-praise perimeter and so on. Let everyone receive practical information at the same time, can also put the gift into the bag! Please lock the exciting content on December 20 [WeChat official Live Room] & [WeChat Video number]!

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