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Lenovo AI PC officially launched its first products including ThinkPad and Xiaoxin.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 15, at the 2023 Intel new product launch cum AI technology innovation party, Ablikim Abulimiti, Lenovo Group Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of China (hereinafter referred to as "Amu") officially announced: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI and Lenovo's new Pro 16 AI Core version of AI Ready AI PC products were officially launched at 15:00 that day, and the pre-sale appointment opened at the same time.

(Amu announces the official launch of two Lenovo AI Ready AI PC products.)

These two products have three features: embedded mixed AI computing power, innovative / enhanced AI experience and device experience upgrade, which means that Lenovo AI PC has officially entered the AI Ready phase.

Amushi said that considering that the whole industrial ecology has a mature process, AI PC will first go through an AI Ready phase, and the chip architecture will be the first to upgrade to a hybrid AI architecture, and accelerate AI application innovation. With the embedding of individual human model, personal agent, AI application open ecology, etc., AI PC will accelerate into the AI On phase, thus ushering in the first year of AI PC in 2024, allowing everyone to have their own personal AI assistant and provide an epoch-making innovative AI experience.

At the press conference, Amu also showed AI Twin Amu in the virtual world. AI Twin Amu was made using ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI and trained from a piece of his real video speech material. High-definition character pictures, fluent language, etc., fully demonstrate the AI capabilities of ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI products.

Lenovo has been accelerating the landing of AI PC. Lenovo was the first to show off its revolutionary AI PC products at the 9th Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference (2023 Lenovo Tech World) in October. On December 7, Lenovo, together with various industrial partners, jointly held the first AI PC Industrial Innovation Forum, and together with IDC issued the industry's first "AI PC Industry (China) White Paper", which provided framework guidance for the development of industrial ecology. The official announcement of two AI Ready AI PC products is the third major landing of Lenovo's layout AI PC.

AI PC is not only a brand-new product, but also represents the PC industry to enter a new era. Amu said at the press conference that with the advent of the AI era, Lenovo looks forward to implementing the common vision of AI Pratt & Whitney with partners, so that everyone can have their own personal AI assistant and enjoy the epoch-making experience brought by AI.

The first batch of mixed AI computing AI PC starts the AI Ready phase.

The two AI Ready AI PC announced this time are the first products in the industry to be equipped with Intel Core Ultra processor and the new AI proprietary chip NPU. Intel Core Ultra processor adopts new encapsulation technology and separate modular architecture, and adopts XPU strategy, namely CPU+GPU+NPU, on AI computing solution, which provides AI PC with strong local hybrid AI computing power.

According to reports, local mixed AI computing power is the prerequisite for the realization of various functions of AI PC. It uses different types of instruction sets and computing units of architecture to form a local computing system, which can give full play to the hardware performance of AI PC through the combined application of computing units such as CPU+GPU+NPU, and provide flexible solutions for different AI workloads. At the same time, computing manufacturers are also working closely with terminal manufacturers to optimize mixed computing power in order to continuously improve the end-to-side performance of computing products.

(Amu introduces the five core features of AI PC)

Local mixed AI computing power is also one of the core features of AI PC. Amu said at the press conference that the future AI PC is no longer just a hardware device, but an AI hybrid, with five core features: first, embedded personal agents to achieve multimodal natural language interaction; second, embedded personal large models and personalized local knowledge bases; third, fully standard local mixed AI computing power of CPU+GPU+NPU; fourth, open and rich AI application ecology. Fifth, provide localized personal data and privacy protection solutions at the device level.

The addition of the new Core Ultra series processors provides strong computing support for AI PC. Among the five core features, the "terminal standard local mixed AI computing power" was also lit up, and AI PC officially opened the AI Ready phase. Moreover, with the development of technology, AI PC can also cooperate with home hosts to achieve end-to-end collaborative storage and computing, self-tuning of personal large models, and task relay around the intention to achieve multi-device and cross-application, which has become an indispensable core carrier in the AI terminal ecology.

Lenovo's two AI PC models open an appointment to pre-sell AI to experience a new upgrade

Ah Mu said that in order to speed up the listing of AI PC as soon as possible, Lenovo began to develop the core features of AI PC a long time ago, and worked with Intel to take the lead in building an AI Ready laptop, so that users can experience it as soon as possible. "you are welcome to make an appointment or pre-order in channels such as Lenovo's official website, official flagship stores of major platforms, and offline retail stores."

The launch of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI and Lenovo Mini Pro 16 AI Core have not only gained the computing power of embedded hybrid AI, but also have two major upgrades, namely, innovation / enhanced experience and device performance re-upgrade.

(Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI and Lenovo's new Pro 16 AI Core AI PC are officially available)

First, in terms of innovative / enhanced AI experience, ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI can provide users with AI experiences such as AI intelligent conference, AI video patching, AI intelligent noise reduction, AI accelerated video matting, while Lenovo's new Pro 16 AI Core Edition provides AI experiences such as AI real-time beauty, AI video patching, AI accelerated video matting, call noise reduction, face recognition, and perceptual peeping screen.

Second, in terms of device experience upgrade, ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI is equipped with top-level 3A-OLED 2.8K 120Hz high-resolution high-brush high-color gamut eye protection screen, new distributed heat dissipation system, anti-splashing air convection keyboard 2.0, and built-in full-time interconnection 4G module and flow; Lenovo's new Pro 16 AI Core Edition is also equipped with 7467MT/s ultra-high frequency memory, 16-inch 2.5K 120Hz high-resolution high-brush high-color gamut screen and 84Wh high-capacity superconcentrator.

Amu concluded that AI Ready's AI PC, in addition to embedded hybrid AI computing power, makes full use of the hybrid AI computing power of Intel Core Ultra processors, has innovated or enhanced a lot of AI experience, and made a lot of device performance and experience upgrades.

He further stressed that AI PC is a personal AI assistant, that is, Personal AI Twin, as a part of everyone, can provide four core values. First, it can provide exclusive services, including personalized creation, private secretary and equipment butler, in the context of work, study and life; second, it can provide reliable services that are always accompanied, real-time perception and response, and do not rely on the network; third, because AI is fully embedded with local terminals, it can greatly reduce the cost for everyone to use large model services. Fourth, it can provide the maximum capacity, the most reliable local personal data and privacy security.

("AI Twin Amu" by Amu, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Strategy Officer of China)

At this press conference, Amu also specially displayed his AI Twin Amu in the virtual world using ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI, and sent New year's greetings to everyone at the scene. It is completed by Amu a real video speech material training, high-definition character pictures, fluent language and so on fully demonstrate the strong AI capabilities of this product and the new AI value experience.

Advocate co-creation of new ecology of AI PC and accelerate into the stage of AI On

Ah Mu also mentioned in his speech that to accelerate China's AI PC from the AI Ready stage to the AI On stage, in addition to terminal manufacturers like Lenovo and computer manufacturers like Intel, it also requires the joint efforts of all kinds of large model companies and a wide range of AI application providers to create a new ecology of AI PC in China.

It is understood that AI PC will open up a new AI PC ecology that is very different from the past: people-oriented, terminal-oriented, AI native. Users become the drivers and creators of ecological innovation in the industry, and terminal devices, personal models and personal agents form an inseparable combination to bring intelligent experience to users. At the same time, terminal manufacturers will be advanced to ecological organizers, and integrate industrial resources to users based on scenario requirements, and provide a mixed delivery experience of software and hardware. Model manufacturers, application manufacturers and chip manufacturers will also have closer ties with terminal manufacturers to make changes around the new people-oriented requirements in the form of AI PC (terminal).

(Ah Mu advocates to create a new ecology of AI PC in China.)

Amu introduced that in addition to the official launch of AI Ready notebooks, it is also accelerating the construction of AI PC application ecology. Among them, Lenovo has launched the "AI PC Vanguard Action" for developers and users, launched the "AI PC Ecological developer Program" and the "AI PC content creativity Competition", and as the exclusive partner of AI PC, jointly launched the artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition with Intel. In addition, the annual Lenovo Tianxi Ecological Partnership Conference, to be held on December 26, will invite more AI application developers and large model vendors and partners to accelerate the evolution of AI PC and AI terminals.

Lenovo Group has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of PC, and has taken on the important task of leading product trends and industry development in the past two technology waves. In the stage of "miniaturization and graphics" of the first technology wave, Lenovo launched domestic brand computers and home computers, and won the top of domestic PC in the 1990s; in the second technology wave of "networking and mobility", Lenovo pioneered Internet computers and won the top of global PC in 2012.

In this change caused by generative AI technology, Lenovo has also been making efforts to accelerate the landing of AI PC. At present, Lenovo has built a full-stack intelligent layout based on the "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence" new IT architecture, including AI embedded intelligent terminals, AI-oriented infrastructure and AI native solution services, continuously promoting a panoramic AI to accelerate the productivity revolution.

In addition, in order to provide truly credible and personalized AI exclusive services, Lenovo also released personal and enterprise artificial intelligence twins (AI Twin), as well as a hybrid AI framework covering individual models and enterprise models, so that enterprises and individuals can enjoy the efficiency dividend brought by the large model without worries.

The industry believes that under the catalysis of large models, mixed AI computing power and a new and open AI PC ecology, the coming 2024 will become the first year of AI PC. "Lenovo, as a leader in the PC industry, has accompanied and led the growth of the industry in the past 40 years." Ah Mu said, "it is duty-bound to join hands with partners to innovate and build a new AI PC ecology in China. Lenovo together, together to create a new era of AI PC."

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