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Using SmartArt to make flow Chart in Excel

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Shulou( Report--

Behind the headlines ~ Hello, everyone! I'm Satellite Jam.

Last month, my colleague Xiao Cheng wanted to make an introduction to the company's PPT for use at the meeting.

But he was an advanced procrastinator, and I passed by his station on the day of the meeting:

Boy, I only finished a pure-sharing version of PPT text--

None of the matching diagrams, such as organization charts, flowcharts, etc., have been made yet.

The meeting is in an hour. Hey!

As a result, I was shocked at the meeting. The PPT on the stage was full of pictures and texts, and there was nothing missing!

Curious about how he did it so fast, I asked after the meeting.

He said he used SmartArt ↓↓↓ from Excel.

1. Architecture Diagram Open Excel and find out a list of previously saved departmental personnel.

Find the [illustration] in the insert tab, and click [SmartArt].

Click "hierarchy" and insert "Organization Chart". Here we choose the first one as an example.

Delete the rectangle, leaving only one.

Copy the position and paste it into the architecture diagram dialog box (do not paste directly in the rectangle).

Then use the [Tab] key to adjust the schema level.

In this way, an organization chart is completed.

Or you can beautify it a little bit:

Xiao Cheng said that the picture can be made in 1 minute after proficiency!

2. Flow chart the next one is the flow chart, which can be selected in [SmartArt]-[process].

First of all, use the form to sort out the ideas:

Insert the flowchart and delete other shapes like the architecture diagram.

Copy the contents of the table step by step and paste (if you copy and paste at once, everything will appear in the first point, which is too messy to organize and indent).

When all is done, beautify the flow chart.

In this way, the completion of PPT will soon be more than half!

Of course, in fact, PPT itself also has SmartArt function, have you ever used it?

However, as demonstrated above, it will be easier and faster to use Excel data to assist in the production of organization charts and flowcharts.

3. Pictures in addition to lists, processes, loops and other graphics, SmartArt also has a "picture" option:

This section has a variety of styles of graphics, which are suitable as diagrams for PPT.

For example, this [alternating picture circle] looks good if you mess with it:

Or [bubble picture list], do you often see it in the report?

Can quickly convert the contents of your table into displayable PPT graphics!

4. No wonder Xiao Cheng didn't panic an hour before the last meeting. He had mastered such a useful efficiency artifact.

Use SmartArt in Excel to make organization chart, flow chart and other graphics, which is fast and convenient.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Akiba Excel (ID:excel100), author: satellite paste

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