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Recently, many friends are looking for a job, and you need to prepare a resume template before applying for a job. Do you know how to make a resume? Today, Mr. Yi came to teach you how to make a resume.

1. Make the resume template 01 and set the margin. Go to the "layout"-"Page setup" button and set it up and down to 1.5. Setting the margins is entirely my personal preference, so it won't appear to be too much white space.

02. Insert the table. "insert"-"Table"-"insert Table", number of columns: 7; number of rows: 16.

The form is too short. We need to stretch it manually.

04. Merge cells. First merge the four rightmost cells, here is where to put the photos, and then enter the resume text.

05. Merge 6 cells in the diagram in turn, and then enter the contents.

Merge cells again.

Merge the last few rows of cells.

08. Set font style. Select the entire table, and then set the font, font size, and other styles for your resume.

09. Align the Chinese characters in the resume form. Select the entire table and enter "layout"-"alignment"-"horizontal Center" alignment.

10. Drag manually to adjust the distance between cells.

11. Position the cursor in the first cell in the head, and then enter enter the words "resume" at the top to enlarge, bold and center the text.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Word Technology Alliance (ID:Wordlm123), author: Yi Xuelong

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