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Changan Hunter started pre-sale on December 22, and its first super extended-range pickup truck

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On December 19,, Changan Hunter, the world's first super extended range pickup truck, was officially unveiled on the opening day of the Guangzhou Auto Show. The biggest highlight of the car lies in the design of extended-range power architecture. According to the barter news, the new car will go on sale on December 22.

The biggest highlight of the new car is that it will use add-on technology to reduce fuel consumption and increase range. Officials say its CLTC comprehensive range can reach 1031km, with a 100-kilometer acceleration time of 7.9s. query found that the car will provide long-box version and standard version, in which the long-box version of the wheelbase is 3430mm, the standard version of the wheelbase is 3180mm, completely consistent with the Changan explorer, and the long-axis version is 3430mm.

The carton size of the short-axis version is 1600/1595/500mm and the long-axis version is 1850/1595/500mm. Its maximum rated load quality is 495kg, and the dual-motor version also has a 2.5t towing qualification.

In addition, depending on the configuration, the new car will also provide different anti-rolling frame, wheel rim, wheel eyebrow, carton cover, carton rear door.

According to reports, Changan hunters have front bridge lock, rear bridge lock and energy lock, which can realize ms-level (millisecond) adaptive switching of cross-country mode in the whole scene, and the peak torque at the wheel end will be more than 5000N ·m.

In the power system part, the new car uses a 2.0T blue whale JL486ZQ6 booster with a maximum net power of 140kW.

In terms of motor, the two-wheel drive model uses the 130kW rear motor, while the four-wheel drive model uses a combination of 70kW and 130kW dual motors. According to reports, the new car CLTC pure electric range up to 180km, comprehensive range 1031km, fuel consumption is only 1.3L / 100km.

At the same time, it also supports mobile discharge function, and the 3.3kW panoramic high-power discharge panel supports double 220V plugs with a maximum power reserve of 227kWh, which can be used for 2000W appliances for more than 100 hours.

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