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Far ahead | 2023 large inventory of intelligent generation PPT tools

2024-05-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

A year later, a group of runners have been phased out in the track where AI generated PPT. Today, let's take an inventory of the major tools that will still be in the lead at the end of 2023.

NO.1 second out PPT

PPT is the first team in China to start research on intelligent PPT. In October last year, it successfully hitched a ride with ChatGPT and officially launched the AI one-click generation PPT function. As an intelligent tool with mature technology, second-out PPT still maintains a leading position at the end of 2023 with its own advantages.


Support one-click generation of PPT, fast and new networking features, can add the latest current events content to the PPT, no longer have to worry about PPT content out of date.

Support dialogue with ChatGPT to modify the optimized content. When the ChatGPT is directly connected into the system, the continuous dialogue mode can be used to adjust the generated content, which is smarter and more labor-saving.

A large number of templates with a wide range of types are selected at will. Here you can use not only regular high-quality templates, but also case templates and giant screen presentation templates, which have all templates, examples and ideas.

Support for multi-format conversion to PPT, whether link, Word, markdown also said that Freemind can be directly uploaded to convert PPT, of course, the production of PPT can also be converted to these formats.

Inferior position

There is a limit on the number of pages generated by ai and the number of template downloads per month, but individual users should be sufficient.

The picture library has fewer pictures (but it seems to have updated the bioglyph function recently, which is more original).

NO.2 Gmma

As a foreign AI one-click generation of PPT software, it is a mess in China (I think it is largely because the founder is Chinese). And with cool pages and new account gift points have been popular in China until the end of the year, let's take a look at it!


One-click generation of PPT is supported with moderate speed and rich content.

Support dialogue with AI to modify PPT content, and can talk continuously

The template style is cool, there are more gradual changes, and the pictures are clear.

New users sign up for free points and can fully experience the function, but the download type is PDF.

Inferior position

The monthly price of members is relatively expensive, and it is settled in US dollars, and a visa card is required.

The number of templates is relatively small, only a few are fixed, and the style is not suitable for domestic use.

You cannot upload or add pictures, charts, icon, etc.


As a part of loving design, AI PPT also adheres to the aesthetic art of loving design, and has always been loved in the template style. In addition, although not the first to come out, but with its own advantages, it also maintains a leading advantage at the end of 2023.


The template style is good-looking, and the color change is soft and good-looking, adhering to the design style

There is an outline before generation, which can be regenerated if it is not suitable. And display the content, you can directly see the generated copy.


There is no AI assistant conversation to modify the content, which is slightly insufficient.

The content is only displayed in a very small area, but it is not displayed when the ppt is generated, which is not intuitive.

The editing area is a traditional PPT editor, so it is not possible to edit only the content.

All right, let's take an inventory of the three lively and well-received tools in the 2023 AI-generated PPT track. Which one do you use?

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