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Tencent Huang Zhaohui: building a digital base with cloud, picture and AI as the core helps the construction of digital intelligence of logistics

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On December 19, the third Transportation new business type Development Forum was held. Huang Zhaohui, General Manager of Tencent Intelligent Transportation Logistics Industry, delivered a keynote speech on "Tencent Digital Base: helping the Digital Intelligence Development of Logistics Enterprises". Share Tencent's practice and exploration in intelligent logistics. Huang Zhaohui said that in the face of the development trend of digitization and intelligence in the logistics industry, Tencent has built a digital base for the logistics industry based on cloud, graph, AI and other technologies.

Photo note: Huang Zhaohui, general manager of Tencent intelligent transportation logistics industry, delivered a keynote speech

Many logistics enterprises have parks and warehouses in the country, and they all need corresponding IT construction. Tencent Logistics Cloud can save infrastructure investment costs for enterprises and provide low-cost, highly reliable cloud services. Currently, Tencent Cloud has more than 1 million servers, operates 70 availability zones in 26 geographical regions around the world, and deploys more than 2800 acceleration nodes. By distributing service content to the network-wide acceleration nodes, the global scheduling system enables users to get the content they need at the nearest node, reduces access latency, and satisfies the global layout of Chinese logistics enterprises. Provide the IT infrastructure needed for global business expansion.

In terms of maps, Tencent location big data implements regional real-time passenger flow, travel OD, crowd portraits, traffic situation detection and analysis and other different dimensional indicators, and carries out personalized analysis according to business needs. Tencent provides professional cargo guide map services for logistics enterprises and has cooperated with a number of leading logistics enterprises. Users can provide services that are more suitable for their own scheduling, multi-vehicle scheduling, on-the-way monitoring, sharing and fencing on their own maps.

In many industrial scenarios, logistics freight transport has the characteristics of perfect system, many links, complex data, rich scenes and so on, so it has always been an important field of frontier technology landing application. The in-depth application of large model technology will also bring great changes to the full-link operation efficiency, service experience and business innovation of freight logistics.

For example, in the process of document recognition, Tencent and Fuyou trucks cut in the direction of the large model of freight logistics document recognition, and have formed the end-to-end OCR intelligent recognition model capability, and realized intelligent recognition and automatic processing for logistics document recognition, various return order recognition and other scenarios, further reducing operating costs and improving service efficiency.

Practice shows that for multiple single-return recognition scenarios, after a small number of sample training, the recognition accuracy of the large model for picture fields is more than 99%, the comprehensive recognition and matching accuracy of image information is more than 95%, and the recall rate is nearly 20% higher than that of the traditional model.

In addition, based on the large model capability of Tencent Cloud industry, Tencent will gradually explore intelligent customer service, operation analysis and other scenarios. For example, in intelligent customer service scenarios, using high-quality industry vertical corpus, through continuous systematic training of large models, make general intelligent customer service robots become industry customer service experts, providing a more efficient, intelligent and humanized service experience.

The intelligence of the box inspection link is also the epitome of the digital transformation of a logistics enterprise. Sinotrans and Tencent cooperate in the AI container inspection project, using AI image recognition technology to automatically detect container deformation and damage, with an accuracy of 90%, doubling the volume of container inspection, avoiding omission and saving a lot of manpower.

Huang Zhaohui stressed that Tencent has always positioned itself as a digital assistant and industrial ecological co-builder for the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, making use of cloud, map, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and other advantageous technologies to help logistics enterprises create a technological base for logistics digital transformation, and work with logistics ecological partners to continuously deepen and promote industry practice, jointly create industry products, and achieve the overall upgrading of industry applications.

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