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AI helps 5G standards continue to evolve, and Qualcomm promotes more key use cases of AI to be integrated into Release 18

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5G technology is constantly evolving. In order to achieve global collaboration, 3GPP will freeze a batch of 5G technical standards every once in a while, which is the 5G Release version. A total of six Release versions are planned for 5G, and the latest version is Release 17, which was frozen in June 2022, while Release 18, which is about to be completed, and later Release 19 and 20, also known as 5G Advanced. As one of the important contributors to the 5G standard, Qualcomm has been providing the core, critical and cutting-edge technology for the 5G standard. Now that AI technology is developing rapidly, at the 2023 World 5G Congress, Li Yan, vice president of technical standards of Qualcomm, revealed that Qualcomm is applying AI to many aspects of 5G network operation and promoting these use cases to join the 3GPP Release 185G standard.

Qualcomm is using AI collaborative solutions to improve communication efficiency between 5G terminals and base stations, and is promoting the introduction of the 3GPP Release 18 standard into AI wireless network optimization, focusing on three key wireless communication use cases: channel feedback, beam management and precise location. First of all, channel feedback, AI technology can optimize the reference signal design, so that the terminal can deduce the current channel characteristic expression according to the current wireless channel environment, and then transmit it to the base station. The base station side uses AI to decompress the channel state information and accurately predict the channel. This method can not only optimize the channel transmission cost, but also reduce interference for multi-user scenarios. The second is beam management, AI technology enables the terminal to feedback beam pointing information directly to the base station, and the base station side uses AI for beam optimization, so as to optimize mobility, improve the performance of beam tracking, and reduce the transmission of reference signals and control signals between base stations. Then there is accurate positioning. AI technology can optimize and calibrate the model directly through the data collected on the site, so as to reduce the calibration requirements on the base station side, improve the indoor positioning accuracy of 5G, and meet the needs of shopping malls, industrial production and other scenarios.

In addition, Qualcomm also tries to apply AI technology to in-depth planning and optimization of 5G network in some key scenarios, such as subway stations, sports venues and other crowd gathering scenarios, in order to improve 5G connection performance and enhance user experience. Qualcomm also applies AI to millimeter wave network planning and uses AI digital twin technology to find the best base station deployment location to improve 5G base station throughput and coverage.

Today, we have felt the performance changes that AI has brought to 5G terminals and networks, and Qualcomm believes that 5G Advanced has officially opened the "wireless AI era". Qualcomm looks forward to working with more partners to continue to use 5G+AI to promote the evolution of mobile communication technology, comprehensively improve system performance and user experience, and prepare for the next generation of communication systems originally designed by AI.

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