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The world's first "True Wireless" TV sequel: new NFC payment card reader and thermal imager

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- US startup Displace unveiled "the world's first real wireless TV" at CES 2023, an OLED TV that runs on rechargeable batteries.

According to an official announcement, the company plans to launch 55-inch Displace Flex and 27-inch Displace Mini wireless TVs at CES 2024, introducing NFC payment card readers and thermal imagers in addition to increasing product suction to ensure that televisions don't fall off.

According to the official description of Displace, the two TVs support gesture detection, which allows users to pause the content after detecting a raise of their hands, then add the items in the current picture to the shopping cart, and users can make NFC payments through the Displace app.

Another function is the thermal camera, which mainly works with telemedicine applications, which can bring higher convenience in some scenarios.

Displace said Flex and Mini take watching 6 hours a day as an example, which can be continued for one month. learned from the report that Displace said that starting January 9, 2024, users can order 55-inch Flex ($5999) and 27-inch Mini ($2499), and plan to ship in the second quarter of 2024.

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