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Learning and thinking xPad2 Pro / Max Series Learning Machine release: Tianji 8020, Huaxing Eye screen, Nine chapters Model

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Shulou( Report-- December 20 news, Xueersi yesterday released a new series of learning machines, xPad2 Pro series, which has been comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the first-generation learning machine xPad1.

According to reports, this launch of the xPad2 Pro series is equipped with the newly developed precision learning Pro, compared with the first generation of precision learning, the knowledge graph will be upgraded to a network structure to find the most suitable learning path for children. Through the three modes of foundation, standard and exam preparation, we can solve the learning demands of children in different learning situations.

▲ Precision Learning the three modes of Pro the built-in self-research content of the learning machine claims to cover the whole section and discipline from enlightenment to high school, and has more than 20000 books on mathematics teaching. In addition, the learning and thinking teaching research team will update these contents synchronously, so as to realize the synchronous iteration with the local school curriculum.

There are two models released on the 19th: the xPad2 Pro Max with a 14-inch screen and the xPad2 Pro with a 12.35-inch screen, with differences in screen size, memory capacity, speakers and batteries.

The two new models of ▲ xPad2 Pro Max both adopt 11 layers of future paper moistening screen, which is jointly developed by Xueershi and Huaxing Optoelectronics, with a 14-inch 2.8K / 12.35in 2.5K resolution, supporting low blue light, LTPS, active stylus and other technologies.

In addition, users can manually switch three display modes: the practice mode of restoring black and white paper writing, the reading mode of color ink visual experience, and the original color mode of restoring real color.

In terms of screen display mode performance of ▲ xPad2 Pro series, xPad2 Pro series is equipped with Tianji 8020 processor, equipped with 12000/10000mAh battery + 45W fast charge, and the whole series is equipped with millisecond delay AI stylus and AI smart eye, which supports the recognition and handwriting of book test papers, and realizes the two-way interaction between paper carrier and learning machine screen.

In the process of releasing the new machine, the learning and thinking model MathGPT, which has been put on record in November this year, also appeared. The Chinese name is determined as the nine-chapter model, which claims to be able to solve any math problem in primary and junior high school. 80% of the questions can be answered. If you can't answer them temporarily, you can explain them to the facsimile within one hour and generate AI video analysis within 20 minutes.

In addition, the learning machine has also upgraded AI tools based on large models, such as fingertip translation, encyclopedia Q & A, mental arithmetic exercises and so on. These AI tools are aggregated through "small thought companion learning". As long as users call Xiao Si, they can call the tutoring tools they need.

The xPad2 Pro series also launched the new function "AI Dialogue", which is based on the problem-solving and problem-solving ability of the nine-chapter model. Through heuristic dialogue and communication with students, AI Dialogue claims to be able to quickly analyze students' weaknesses and achieve step-by-step precision learning.

The learning and thinking learning machine designed a minute-level high-frequency interaction for the content, and from the children's psychological expectations, designed a set of global incentive system, including starlight value, medal system, future treasure box and so on. Every time you start to learn, answer questions and ask questions on your own initiative, you will be encouraged accordingly.

In terms of parent management, the learning and thinking learning machine is equipped with a new parent-child system. Parents can not only connect by video, but also send reminders and likes remotely.

The learning and thinking xPad2 Pro series learning machine is now available on the e-commerce platform. The attached parameter table and price are as follows:

XPad2 Pro:8GB + 256GB storage costs 6599 yuan

XPad2 Pro Max:12GB + 512GB storage costs 8599 yuan learning and thinking learning machine xPad2 Pro6599 direct link learning learning machine xPad2 Pro Max8599 direct link

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