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Metacritic announced the "Ten worst Games" in 2023, "Lord of the Rings: Gollum", "Grey Mountain incident" and so on.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- rating website Metacritic (M) today released a list of the "10 worst games" of 2023, including the 10 lowest rated games from January 1 to December 31, 2023, with Lord of the Rings: Gollum topping the list (34 points) as the "worst game of the year."

▲ source Metacritic (the same below) collates a list of specific games and comments are as follows:

1. Lord of the Rings: Gollum (The Lord of the Rings: Gollum) 34 is the worst "Lord of the Rings" IP work ever written. The story takes place between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. The game is boring, visually poor, full of performance problems and a lot of Bug.

2. "Flashback 2" 35 points is a sequel to the 1992 game's "prequel". When the game was released, there was an "incredible" major Bug. The game content was out of date and boring. "similar game", "the Duke of destruction forever", although the idea is good, it should have been released 20 years earlier.

3. The 38-part work of "Greyhill Incident" failed at almost every level. The game performance was poor and the content was mediocre, which was very "disappointing".

4. Quantum error (Quantum Error) 40 points Quantum error is an ordinary outer space terror shooting game, which is full of defects and frustrating. although the game provides a variety of upgrade mechanisms, players need to go through a long "brush" to gain skill gain.

5, "Last words: Testament The Order of High Human" 41 share of the game mechanism is chaotic, it is not fun to play, developers try to integrate action adventure games with RPG games, only to lead to a "crazy game experience", players "had better leave the game".

6. "the Great Hero outside the Law: rolling Stone City (Crime Boss: Rockay City)" 43 points is like the shoddy version of "Harvest Day". The game is very boring and can be described as "one of the well-known failed games" in 2023.

7. "Hellboy: the Network of Bad (Hellboy: Web of Wyrd)" 47 parts have "obvious respect" for the original "Hellboy" cartoons, but the overall play of the game is relatively failed, the level design is repeated, and the difficulty is extremely low, so it is a "mediocre work".

8. The 48-part work of "Gangs of Sherwood" adopts dystopian steampunk style. the content of the game is regrettable, the battle process is simple and boring, and the plot is usually "robbing the rich to help the rich". It is easy to lose the fun of playing.

9. "LOOP8: seance (Loop8: Summer of Gods)" 49 points a JRPG set in rural Japan in the 1980s, the "turn-based combat system" is not good, the game puts too much emphasis on "brushing", and the story is disjointed "boring".

10. The 49-part version of "Night Dragon: remake (Gargoyles Remastered)" is based on Disney's original Gargoyles game released in 1995, but unless you are a big fan of IP, this remade version has "little to recommend". The difficulty of the game is "frustrating" and the flow of the game is short.

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