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Kuaishou released the "2023 Music Ecology report": nearly 400 billion videos of popular songs have been played.

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Shulou( Report--

With the popularity of short videos throughout the network, the relationship between music and short videos has gradually become closer, which also brings new opportunities for the ecological prosperity and development of the music industry. As a short video live broadcast platform with an average daily active users of 387 million, Kuaishou's rich content ecology has attracted a large number of music creators. With the upgrading of the platform policy, Kuaishou continues to help musicians, music companies and other ecological partners to develop, so that the "short video + music" ecology has new vitality.

On December 19, Kuaishou Music released the "2023 Kuaishou Music Ecological data report" (hereinafter referred to as "the report"), focusing on creators, musicians, copyright holders, music audiences and other dimensions with authoritative data and professional analysis. a comprehensive summary of the new changes in the music ecology of Kuaishou platform in 2023, as well as the future development of Kuaishou in the music industry.

The cumulative video broadcast of popular songs is nearly 400 billion.

Jay Chou's "I believe so much" is popular.

In Kuaishou, the integration of music into short video creation has become a daily practice, and music also enriches the expression of short videos. According to the report, in 2023, 340 million creators in different fields posted 10.6 billion short videos with BGM. Among short video BGM users, men account for 48% and women account for 52%. In terms of age structure, people born after 2000 are mainly people, accounting for 31%. Users in 10 cities, including Harbin, Chongqing, Beijing, Tangshan, Tianjin, Changchun, Shenyang, Linyi, Cangzhou and Chengdu, especially like to use BGM for short video creation.

In terms of music style and music audience, Kuaishou users show a diversified prosperity in music aesthetic expression. Pop music, characteristic DJ, electronic dance music, light music, hip-hop rap, children's music, national style, rock and roll, traditional Chinese music, rhythm and blues and other music styles have become BGM popularity TOP10. People are keen to use BGM to express emotion, happiness, sadness, missing, romance, cure, lyric, sweetness, inspiration, loveliness and so on.

From the perspective of age structure, the post-70s generation is more inclined to use traditional Chinese music and rock music to express inspirational and atmospheric emotions; electronic dance music and children's music, which represent excitement, loveliness and freshness, have a large audience in the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s. The report also shows that male creators prefer to use music that symbolizes suspense, excitement and dancing, while female creators prefer sweetness, romance and cuteness.

The large number of music users on Kuaishou platform also make more good music "heard" and "seen" by people. In 2023, the cumulative number of videos played on Kuaishou platform using BGM has exceeded 20 trillion, and the cumulative number of videos of popular songs has reached nearly 400 billion. Among them, LV Koukou's "I hope you are loved by the world" has become the first phenomenal industry popular song of Kuaishou music. Streaming media is broadcast on a single platform of more than 1.55 million a day, often appearing in a variety of cute short videos and emotional short videos. Pikachu's "sunset kisses the Silver Sea", with strong rhythm and warm power, strongly brushes the screen through dominant games such as lovers' card points and sweet and lovely gesture dancing, and has "created" a number of popular videos played by more than a million.

At the same time, a large number of popular songs also lead the music trend in 2023. The report shows that 42 BGM have been used more than 10 million times this year, and 515 BGM have been viewed more than 1 billion times. And Jay Chou, Su Tan Tan, Wei Jiayi, Dahuan, Red Rose, L (Peach seed), Belle Tiger Children's Song, Song Xiaorui, Cheng Xiang, have become the singers with the most popular songs.

The video related to "Luocha City" plays more than 210 million a day.

‎ Xilina Yigao "this is Love" has become a case of popular style.

For a long time, Kuaishou Music has been committed to bringing a bigger stage for musicians, supporting the growth of musicians in the station through various activities and policies, and cooperating with a number of brands to help copyright owners gain more profits. to create a win-win, prosperous and mutually beneficial music ecology.

As the annual IP series of activities launched by Kuaishou Music, the Treasure musicians Project provides Kuaishou musicians with "street roadshows, ambient singing, hidden singers, national trend music, dynamic performance, hot song cover" and other features of music play and display stage, and regularly launch singing, performance and other original topic activities to plan exclusive activities for quality musicians and create customized songs. Support the rapid growth of musicians through 100 million-level traffic.

Kuaishou Music signed a contract to target more than 300 high-value musicians in 2023, and musicians with more than a million fans accounted for up to 20%, including AI musician @ luya, who is familiar to Kuaishou users, British singer @ British scholar who can sing fluent Chinese songs, Mei Pai Peking Opera male actor, Mei Lanfang's third generation pro disciple @ male actor Dong Fei, and mass musician @ site Xiao du. Provide supportive policies for potential musicians from different fields to help create popular songs.

At the same time, Kuaishou Music also continues to launch its own copyright songs, and explore the characteristics of promotional play. According to the report, through the promotion and promotion of animation mixed cutting features, the first month of release of the fresh song "Love in the Evening Wind" has exceeded 1 million, while "our Utopia" has achieved 11.7 billion views through song cover activities, and the online activity of "willing", a song tailored for Kuaishou, has been played more than 400 million under the power of DJ card-point dance. In addition, Kuaishou Music has also cooperated with a number of head MCN organizations, such as Huan Ju, Power maker, Wenhong Music, NetEyun musician training course & Hurricane Studio, covering more than 80 million followers, and the average monthly delivery rate has increased by 50% after signing the contract.

In order to bring more benefits to music copyright owners, Kuaishou music helps spread songs through "featured DJ shake, face sharing, transition Challenge, Network-wide cover" and other features, among which the hit song "what on Earth is Baby doing?" within 7 days of promotion, the number of daily song-related videos peaked over 75 million. Dao Lang's "Luocha City" attracted a large number of fast-hand users to participate in the cover, promoting a peak of more than 210 million videos related to songs in 7 days. From January to December 2023, Kuaishou Music promoted the commercial scene cooperation of 68 songs for 30 copyright companies, with a total value of 8.07 million yuan. The amount of copyright settlement increased by 15.5% over the same period last year, and the number of musicians with copyright revenue increased by 26.2%. Companies with copyright revenue increased by 12.8%.

Kuaishou music has also invested heavily in the official promotion resource matrix of heavyweight official promotion, such as music partition banner, popular activity banner, Kuaishou hot song list, style list, music Aladdin, topic aggregation and so on, and has explored a new joint promotion model with musicians. Idou Xilinayi's "this is Love" has become the first B-level pop style song of Kuaishou music. Su Xingjie and Ah Chen's "BINGBIAN Disease" also attracted the participation of the whole people through the hot play in the station, and the weekly broadcast of the outflow media exceeded 3 million; Xiaolan vest's "the Summer without ending", Bai Xiaobai, Dai Yutong's "the longest companionship", and Su Xingjie's "the Evening Wind is no longer gentle" are also blessed by a variety of popular style games, realizing the original content of a hundred flowers blooming, helping popular songs to quickly come out of the circle.

Music analysis tools will be provided

Understand users' preferences to help create

The report shows that Kuaishou music continues to innovate technology to bring users a better product experience. On the one hand, Kuaishou music integrates rich music features and user behavior characteristics, makes an overall upgrade to the recommendation system of the video shooting panel, improves the matching efficiency, recommends songs to interested users, and greatly improves the personalized recommendation effect of music. On the other hand, Kuaishou Music will soon provide music analysis tools to help Kuaishou musicians and music copyright owners better understand music trends and user preferences around functional dimensions such as trend insight, fashion style prediction, and auxiliary creation.

In order to further activate the ecological vitality of the platform and explore the infinite possibility of "short video + music", Kuaishou Music 2024 will launch the "Song Promotion Annual Project" π "Plan" to collect more high-quality songs and work with the content side to create a popular style in the industry. Kuaishou Music believes that music, like "π", should be an unlimited value that is not defined. It is hoped that through the "π" plan, we can explore high-quality music content with more excellent musicians and content parties in the undefined music world.

In 2024, the Kuaishou musician service will also be upgraded. Kuaishou Music will launch a joint service of lyrics singing and music promotion in the "Breaking Dawn Project" to create an integrated service window of "song cooperation + customized promotion" to provide perfect services for copyright companies and musicians. Kuaishou Concert brings a new copyright incentive scheme, with "revenue increase, traffic increase, fairness and clarity, diversity and openness" as the core, to further expand the coverage of the incentive program, so that more copyright companies and musicians can make a profit. contribute to the prosperity and development of the industry.

The person in charge of Kuaishou Music said that the "2023 Kuaishou Music Ecological data report" is a "high score answer paper" handed over by Kuaishou Music to the music industry in 2023, so that more creators, musicians and copyright holders can clearly understand the latest development trend of Kuaishou music track and industry, so that we can get greater opportunities in future creation and development.

In the future, Kuaishou music will continue to iterate through games and services to create more interesting and interesting popular music content, so that Kuaishou users can "listen" and "play" well, and let partners get more deterministic development. build a prosperous, mutually beneficial, win-win symbiosis of "short video + music" new ecology.

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