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Glory mobile phone applies for "Rong Yao Hongyan" trademark: including satellite communications services, Magic6 series is expected to be launched

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Thanks to netizens grass Luo Yuzi and Jiayi for your clue delivery! news on December 21, according to the blogger @ digital chat station today revealed that glory satellite communications technology has been landed, the current trademark registration application-"glory Hongyan satellite communications". Glory, a set of commercial satellite communication technology, has invested a lot, and the Honor Magic6 series is carried in the first place. inquiry found that the international classification of "Rong Yao Hongyan" trademark is 38, and the application date is November 13, 2023.

The goods / services of the trademark include news transmission; radio broadcasting; simultaneous broadcasting of television over global communication networks, the Internet and wireless networks; data flow transmission; location-based services (telecommunications services); router rental; mobile phone communications; optical fiber communications; provision of database access services; satellite communications services; digital network communication services; communications equipment rental Provide global computer network user access services; telephone communications; satellite transmission; computer terminal communications; voice, video and information transmission; telecommunications routing node services.

It is worth mentioning that a new model of BVL-AN16 has passed the 3C certification of China quality Certification Center and supports 100W fast charging. The product name is "Satellite Mobile Terminal" and is expected to be an honorable Magic 6 Pro phone. reported in November this year that Li Kun, flagship mobile phone general manager of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., attended the 2023 Digital Ecology Conference Satellite Mobile Communications Industry Development Forum, and said that the company's self-developed satellite communication technology had overcome the three major technical problems of antenna size, call range, and communication experience, and was expected to provide consumers with the smallest size, the most stable signal, and the most power-saving mobile satellite communication experience.

With regard to the specific release time of the Glory Magic6 series, will also keep an eye on it and bring follow-up reports.

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