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The "Green" Rongsheng refrigerator won the ESG practical Innovation Award.

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A few days ago, the 2023 first Financial and Business Forum and China Corporate Social responsibility list Award presentation ceremony was held in Shanghai. Rongsheng refrigerator won the "ESG practical Innovation Award" for its outstanding performance in R & D, production and other low-carbon environmental protection, demonstrating its hard core strength in "green" manufacturing.

With the theme of "resilience and INTERGROWTH: surpassing ESG, ushering in a new era of sustainability", this year's first Business Forum and CSR Award presentation ceremony focuses on the possible trend of ESG to find the possibility of surpassing ESG, so as to open up new ideas and find new directions for achieving high-quality development of human society and promoting harmonious symbiosis between human and nature.

Rongsheng refrigerator, which is selected in the list of Chinese corporate social responsibility, is a leader in the field of energy saving and low carbon. Under the new situation of the national strategy of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization", Rongsheng refrigerator seizes the opportunity and regards low-carbon environmental protection as the direction and core competitiveness of enterprise research and development. promote the establishment of a set of green and low-carbon production system covering the whole process of energy utilization, R & D design, supply chain, manufacturing, sales and after-sale, recovery and comprehensive utilization.

In the production source, Rongsheng uses material optimization, material substitution, process improvement and other means to achieve source carbon reduction. Foaming material is a major source of pollution in the refrigerator production process. In order to reduce the use of foaming material, Rongsheng refrigerator adopts the world's leading back four-cell foaming process. Compared with the common two-cell foaming technology in the industry, foaming is more uniform, combined with ultra-thin box, less foaming material is used. Accordingly, Rongsheng refrigerator uses a German fully automatic production line in its production equipment, which is the first demonstration production line certified and funded by the United Nations multilateral Fund and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In the product packaging, Rongsheng uses practical and beautiful environmental protection materials to further reduce the pollution to the water environment and atmospheric environment through reuse. From the promotion of electronic instructions, the application and research of renewable raw materials and biodegradable materials, to the technical transformation project of energy saving and emission reduction, Rongsheng has put the concept of green into every link of production and research.

In addition to taking innovation and technology as the internal driving force to launch healthy and intelligent green products, Rongsheng refrigerator also actively assumes social responsibility. In January 2022, Rongsheng refrigerator announced the launch of the "Energy Saving Forest" project. every time a hyperspace environmental protection refrigerator is sold, one can be planted to the Alashan Desert in the name of consumers, which can curb land desertification, improve soil, and restore vegetation. it can also protect the surrounding desertified grassland. In April 2022, Rongsheng, in conjunction with the International Green economy Association, launched the theme public welfare activity of "Earth Day carbon Action 2022" to the industry and society to be a low-carbon energy-saving "pathfinder" initiative for the home appliance industry. In November 2023, in response to the group's call to "build a green planet and trade in the old for the new to enjoy a good low-carbon life". Rongsheng also actively participates in the trade-in activities of green household appliances, which not only reduces the cost of replacement, but also contributes to the national carbon reduction. Rongsheng's series of low-carbon environmental protection practices have been widely recognized by the outside world.

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