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Wen Sheng Chart Model Stable Diffusion launches commercial subscription plan

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Shulou( Report-- December 21, Stability AI recently issued a press release announcing the launch of a member subscription program for its text-generated picture model, Stable Diffusion.

Based on the contents of the press release, attached the subscription plan as follows:

Free: mainly used for personal non-commercial research purposes

Creator, $20 monthly fee: for small creators, developers and startups with specific revenue and funding caps

Enterprise: mainly for large enterprises, can be customized for large-scale operations, the price depends on the customization situation.

Stability AI said that through the implementation of member subscription programs, the revenue is used for operations to maintain the healthy development of Stable Diffusion.

Stable Diffusion is a deep learning model used to generate images and process data, based on the Diffusion model.

One of the characteristics of this model is its excellent stability and generation quality. it is widely used in image generation, super-resolution, style conversion and other fields, and has attracted the attention of researchers and developers all over the world.

Stable Diffusion is popular for several key reasons:

Excellent generation quality: Stable Diffusion is famous for its excellent generation quality. It can generate high-resolution, realistic images with excellent detail and realism.

Stability: compared with other deep learning models, Stable Diffusion shows higher stability. This means that crashes or model crashes are less likely to occur during training, thus improving the efficiency of development.

Multi-domain applications: Stable Diffusion not only performs well in the field of image generation, but also has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as speech processing, natural language processing and so on, making it a versatile model.

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