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Art painting opened the day hot animation IP adaptation, "Linglong VR" interactive experience content released

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 21, by the art painting Kaitian, bilibili official authorization, VeeR production, PICO, Chinese online, Zhishang Lihe, Blue Universe co-produced Guochuang animation "Linglong VR" immersive interactive experience content release. Note: Linglong tells the story of the earth going through a devastating catastrophe in the future, in which the surviving human beings have to take refuge on a lighthouse suspended in the air, and then face the evil creatures on the ground, as well as the opposition between good and evil, right and wrong and other contradictions.

The animated version of "Linglong" has been viewed more than 610 million times in bilibili, with a rating of 9.6 points. It is a popular animation work in Station B and is currently in production for the second season.

According to reports, the immersive interactive experience of "Linglong VR" highly recreates the classic scenes in the original animation, such as flesh and earth promenade, doomsday spaceship and so on. Players can explore the "spirit cage" world in the world of VR from the first perspective and experience the scene with high degree of restoration.

In addition, players can have in-depth communication in the VR world with popular characters in the original animation, such as ran Bing, Bai Yuekui and members of the Wild Hunter team. This interaction allows players to gain a deeper understanding of the characters and feel their emotions and growth.

In the immersive interactive experience of "Linglong VR", players can manipulate heavy stereo armor, use heavy weapon chain saws and rips in combat, break through the siege with their teammates, and resist encirclement and attacks from polar eaters.

VeeR officials said that with the unique characteristics of VR, the immersive interactive experience content of "Linglong VR" has brought about an improvement in the dimension of the work, from two-dimensional content in the previous plane to a three-dimensional world. Players are not only spectators, but also participants who can immerse themselves in a plot and play important events from a first-person perspective. This immersive experience gives players a deeper understanding of the relationship between the storyline and the character.

Starting from December 20, we will have a movie viewing and interactive experience at VeeR's National "Space Zero VR offline experience Store". Users in Shanghai can visit 1933Meta City (2 / F, 1 / F, 1933 Laofang Square, 10 Shajing Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai) or Shanghai Big World (Room E, 3 / F, 1 Xizang South Road, Shanghai).

In addition, "Linglong VR" headend will also be online in the near future, log on to PICO headend mall to download and watch.

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