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BYD AEB achieves 130km/h braking and braking, setting a new industry record

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Recently, the video of the test of BYD's AEB system has been exposed. According to the exposed test video, the U8, equipped with BYD's AEB system, achieved braking and braking in three scenarios: the stationary front car in the daytime 130km/h, the vanishing front car in the daytime 110km/h, and the stationary front car in the 110km/h at night. It is worth mentioning that the 130km/h brake, a new automotive industry AEB record, but also demonstrated the technical strength of BYD in the field of intelligence.

It is reported that AEB automatic emergency braking system is an active safety auxiliary function, including collision warning and automatic emergency braking two functions. The system automatically detects the target vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle in front through the sensor camera and a variety of radars. When the vehicle has the risk of collision with the vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle in front, it triggers the collision warning and alerts the driver by alarm. When the driver brakes too late, the braking force is too small or there are no braking measures at all, the automatic emergency braking function is triggered to assist the driver to avoid or reduce the collision.

In the test video, the three test environments of the daytime 130km/h to the stationary front car, the daytime 110km/h to the missing front car and the night 110km/h to the stationary front car test the perceptual distance and accuracy, response speed and perceptual stability of the AEB system respectively.

The three tests show that the BYD AEB system has the advantages of long sensing distance, fast response speed and strong stability, and the braking distance is far better than the industry level.

Technology, BYD's intelligent driving algorithm can know more things, can perceive the physical state of the vehicle more comprehensively and concretely, and then make more accurate driving decisions, realizing millisecond cooperative control of power and chassis, shortening braking distance, improving safety redundancy, and controlling vehicle posture at the same time, thus improving driving safety and comfort after AEB system is triggered.

AEB, as the core of intelligent driving safety, has been searched on Weibo for many times recently, which has attracted wide attention from users and the industry. Some people in the industry say that the battle over AEB system may be the outpost of the battle for intelligence in 2024. As one of the earliest car companies to study intelligent driving in China, BYD has accumulated profound technology in the field of intelligent driving.

With more than 90,000 engineers, an average of 15 patents are created every day, making BYD the car company with the largest R & D team in the world. The three scenarios of this test also confirmed from the side that BYD's intelligent layout, from the most basic security point of view, has been from the underlying operating system, to software and hardware development and matching, and then to system testing, to build a perfect technology research and development system.

At present, the AEB system carried by U8 is satisfied to deal with emergencies in medium-and high-speed scenarios, but its perception ability still has a large margin, which also means that BYD's AEB system can continue to evolve in the future and continue to improve its active security capability. The AEB test has set a new industry record, and BYD's strength in the smart driving field is gradually showing.

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