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Change and growth! Weizan 2023 Chinese Enterprise Live Broadcasting Innovation Summit came to a successful conclusion

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On December 20, the fourth China Enterprise Live Innovation Summit in 2023, hosted by Weizan Live, was successfully concluded.

This summit brings together important guests from Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Sophia SOFIER, Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, Guizhou Sanyan Culture, Meitian Society and Weizan. From industry market observation to actual combat case analysis, technical review iteration to private traffic play, it has brought a wonderful audio-visual feast around the enterprise live broadcast ecology.

The summit is supported by Weizan, which is broadcast in real time on the official account, video number, Tencent Video, Sohu video, Douyin, Kuaishou, Toutiao, Sina Weibo, Zhihu, Youku, iqiyi, Baidu, Zhongsuoyue, good-looking video, Douyu, Huya, bilibili and other media platforms. The cumulative exposure of the live broadcast is as high as 100w +.

Empower all kinds of industries, release the value potential of enterprise live broadcast

The demand for enterprise live broadcasting is constantly upgrading, and the traditional general-purpose live broadcast tools can no longer meet the personalized live broadcast needs of enterprises. Focusing on new technologies and new models, Zhou Pengpeng, founder and CEO of Weizang, shared the technology and service trends of Weizang enterprise live streaming from technology upgrade, product iteration, service extension and scene innovation.

First, to solve the deep application of the industry. Remote production and broadcasting has the requirements of real-time transmission time difference, multi-machine position and remote cooperation, and micro-like core image frame synchronization technology realizes accurate synchronization of multiple pictures at low cost; for live broadcast execution, the utilization rate of resource circulation is low. Micro-like execution sharing "rent-close-sell" mode has greatly improved process operation and live broadcast service quality.

Second, AI enables live streaming to improve efficiency. Take AI digital human and intelligent content summary as the core to create AI live broadcast solutions, enabling live streaming scenarios such as digital conference, corporate marketing, chain stores, knowledge training, etc., which will promote efficient content production and accelerate enterprise marketing upgrading.

Realizing the transformation from live broadcast platform to enterprise deep application and enabling Baiye to release the potential of enterprise live broadcast value with "standardization + innovation" service is the mission of Weizan as a professional live broadcast SaaS service provider, and it is also the secret that Weizan can lead the Chinese enterprise live broadcast service market for 5 years in a row.

Photo: Weekly praised Zhou Pengpeng to share

Drive upgrade, audio and video technology innovation industry scenario

Cui Lipeng, director of audio and video products at Tencent Cloud, mentioned that in the era of digital-reality integration, more and more traditional industry transformations combine physical services with online virtual services, using audio and video technology to improve business processes and user experience in industry scenarios.

Audio and video technology is no longer limited to entertainment and media. With the help of solutions such as "virtual scene / AI digital human / remote collaboration / cloud rendering / real-time mutual animal connection", 5G + audio and video technology has achieved batch replication in financial, social, medical, industrial, travel and other industries, bringing a new integration of marketing scenes and service scenes. Tencent Cloud deeply excavates the pain points of the industry scene, injects new impetus into the upgrading and transformation of enterprises through audio and video solutions, and makes the virtualization scenario a continuation and powerful supplement to the real economy.

Photo: shared by Tencent Cloud Cui Lipeng

Innovative integration, the cross-media live broadcast journey of the media

With the emergence of new technology, the ecology of public opinion, media pattern and mode of communication have undergone profound changes, and the integration of traditional radio and television media and new media has become an inevitable trend.

Zhao Kun, deputy director of the people's livelihood Program Department of the all-Media Center of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, shared that in line with the trend of media convergence, Shenzhen Radio and Television established the "first Live" live number through micro-likes, expanding from a large TV screen to a small mobile phone screen. comply with the network communication mobile, social, video for the public to provide a new channel to obtain information.

In addition to the news, Shenzhen Radio and Television has also expanded its diversified business scope, using live streaming as the link to create an all-media pattern and a number of popular video IP, firmly grasping the local media flow passwords, and maximizing the influence of the media platform.

Photo: shared by Zhao Kun of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group

The way of Survival, a New way out under the Outdoor Live Network Environment

Live broadcast of outdoor events is a rapidly rising field in recent years. The national promotion of the outdoor sports industry and the integrated development of sports and sports tourism projects such as village BA and village super bring mass demand to the live broadcast of outdoor sports events.

Different from interior live broadcast, live sports events have higher requirements for technology and equipment under the influence of outdoor environmental factors, such as wireless transmission and the stability of audio and picture quality. As a professional live broadcast service practitioner, Yu Qingyang, director of Guizhou Sanyan Culture Outdoor Sports and Sports events, shared his thoughts and technical solutions on outdoor live broadcast projects under the wireless network environment. Including micro-like core image frame synchronization technology, through the live broadcast knapsack + 5G frame synchronization guide software, high performance-to-price ratio to solve the problems of multi-position interaction, return and picture synchronization.

Opportunities and challenges coexist, and the high demand for professionalism in the live broadcast of outdoor sports events actually represents more opportunities. In the face of future challenges, Yu Qingyang also said that he will continue to explore the boundaries of live broadcast of outdoor sports and sports events, and expand diversified contents such as concerts and large-scale conferences under the situation of diversified forms of communication and technology.

Picture: Guizhou Sanyan culture is shared in Qingyang

Deep empowering to help enterprises to achieve a new digital experience

With the introduction of new technologies such as AIGC and digital human, the traditional marketing strategies, methods and tools of enterprises are being changed, and various industries are calling for more novel, digital and efficient marketing innovation.

In the era of diversified new media, content has become the key to capture the attention of consumers. Xu Jianshu, director of Huawei Cloud Live Product, shared that based on Huayun Meta studio digital content production line, through cloud rendering and digital human capabilities, the industry live streaming scene has been transformed from "live shooting" to "AI digital human", bringing a new experience of digital integration of virtual and real, which is helping enterprises to build stronger content productivity in the AI era.

Digital people can generate a variety of analog images, use AI to generate videos of various styles, and can also broadcast live in 7 hours, 24 hours, and multiple languages. As a tool to promote the digital transformation of enterprises, digital people live broadcast technology is restructuring the upgrading of enterprise content production mode and accelerating the improvement of production efficiency of thousands of lines of industry.

Photo: Huawei Cloud Xu key Tree sharing

Marketing breakthrough, mining private domain traffic passwords of entity enterprises

The flow dividend of the public domain platform has peaked day by day, and the private domain operation mode has taken advantage of the wind. Private domain gives enterprises stronger operational autonomy, and live SaaS tool has also become a key position for enterprises to layout private domain.

Qu Yongtian, general manager of Sophia SOFIER Electric Appliances, said that the live broadcast is not new, how to make the live broadcast fresh, so that customers can rely on it is the focus of private marketing. Behind a successful and fruitful live broadcast, there must be replicable and enforceable underlying logic. Summing up Sophia's experience in many SOFIER300 corporate live broadcasts, qu Yongtian shared how physical enterprises change "traffic" into "retention" and "retention" into "sales" through private live streaming.

Private domain is not only a tool to undertake public domain traffic, but also an upgrade of consumer experience. By establishing the full-link closed-loop of public domain diversion, content matrix, marketing transformation, user cultivation and transaction realization, it can help enterprises to establish a long-term sticky relationship with customers and empower the marketing growth of entity enterprises.

Photo: shared by Sophia SOFIER qu Yongtian

Growth engine, private sector operators pry tens of millions of live broadcast performance

With high marketing investment and high cost of getting customers, how can the medical and beauty industry break the situation in an environment where everything can be broadcast live? With the fierce competition in the public domain, how can the medical and beauty industry achieve explosive growth through private live broadcasting? As a trader of more than 100 million private live GMV in the medical and beauty industry, Zhang Jinliang, marketing director of Meitian Society, shared the experience of private live broadcast with his own practice.

Zhang Jinliang mentioned that if you want to switch to a private domain live broadcast, you need to determine three points. First, determine the live broadcast platform. Just like building a house, private LVB also needs a professional "construction team", and the private domain full-link solution provided by Weizan is exactly satisfied; second, identify customer gathering tools, and good marketing interaction is the key to trigger drainage fission; third, determine live broadcast explosions, products with interesting points and integrated quality and effect are conducive to the concentrated explosion of user traffic.

What is worth paying attention to is that Zhang Jinliang also shared in detail how Meitianyan Society used a "wool card" coupon to unlock the flow password of popular styles. There was no public domain streaming, and it boosted the live broadcast performance of tens of millions of medical beauty through brand self-broadcasting, thus achieving an overall increase in sound volume and sales.

Photo: shared by Zhang Jinliang of Meitian Yan Society

AI Convergence to build an efficient growth engine in Enterprise Private Domain

At present, the growth of enterprise LVB faces three challenges: first, technological innovation; second, application integration; third, breakthrough in play; focusing on new technologies and modes. With the development of cloud computing, 5G, AI and other technologies, how does WeChat LVB use technology to drive private domain LVB scenarios to upgrade?

He Zuheng, vice president of WeZan, gave the answer based on the integration of AI + private domain. He pointed out that AI is an efficiency revolution, and many applications of WeChat Live have been deeply integrated with AI. Private LVB solutions such as "broadcast Digital Man + Intelligent Editing + AI Assistant" allow AI to integrate business scenarios with one click, create an efficient and low-cost content production engine, and effectively improve the performance of enterprise LVB.

With an in-depth analysis of users' pain points and insisting on technological innovation, WeChat LVB has polished a complete set of LVB methodology and private marketing model with industry-leading attitude, reconstructed private LVB applications with AI, and created high-quality private LVB products with market performance-to-price ratio.

Photo: micro-likes he Zuheng to share

In addition, the award ceremony of the third Vzan Awards Live influence list in 2023 also ended successfully on the day of the summit on December 20. The four awards of excellent business value, outstanding influence brand, content new power live studio and the most quality live service team of the year were announced. 40 enterprises' live rooms, including the official platform of Mango V Live Hunan Economic Television, Southeast Satellite TV, National University Pharmacy, Changjiitong and Dingzhou, etc., finally won the award.

At this point, the fourth Chinese Enterprise Live broadcast Innovation Summit in 2023 came to a successful conclusion! Welcome the change, go to growth together, and look forward to the innovative growth of more corporate brands in the field of corporate live broadcasting in 2024.

Attached: the award list of the 2023 live broadcast influence list

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