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Soliciting opinions on game rectification and reform, there was a huge shock in the circle: NetEase's share price fell nearly 30%, Tencent fell more than 15%.

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Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut and Jiayi's clue delivery! news on December 22, earlier today, the State Press and publication Administration issued the "measures for the Administration of online Games (draft for soliciting opinions)," which mentioned that online games are not allowed to set inductive rewards such as daily login, first recharge and continuous recharge, and all online games must set a user recharge limit.

As soon as the above news was released, it caused a "huge shock" in the game industry this afternoon: Hong Kong game stocks fell further in the afternoon, with Tencent falling more than 15 per cent and NetEase falling nearly 30 per cent, setting a record for the biggest intraday decline.

As of, Tencent Hong Kong shares fell 14.52% to HK $267.2, while NetEase's Hong Kong shares fell 25.28% to HK $120.9.

In addition, A-share game stocks also appeared "flash collapse" in the afternoon, Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment fell by the limit, Baotong Technology approached the 20cm limit, and 10 shares such as Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment, rogue network, giant network and so on.

According to a report by earlier today, the draft for soliciting opinions also mentioned that online game publishing and operating units should not provide or connive at the high price trading of virtual props in the form of hype, auction and so on. A pop-up window warning should be given to users' irrational consumption behavior. In addition, when providing random selection service, online game publishing and operating units should make reasonable settings for the number of times and probability of selection, and shall not induce online game users to over-consume.

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