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The code shows that Google Android needs native integrated battery health functions.

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Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery!, December 22 (Xinhua)-- Google plans to integrate battery status indicators in Android to improve the user experience.

Android users used to use third-party apps or enter special commands to check the battery status of their devices, but in the latest Pixel Feature Drop update, Google introduced new features related to battery data.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman dug deep into the update and found a hidden "battery health" section, which can display information such as the date the battery was made and the number of charging cycles.

Rahman said that the code currently being mined is incomplete and may also include information such as the original capacity and health of the battery. also learned from the report that Rahman also found some symbols when mining the code to represent the loss of battery capacity or to detect problems. In addition, settings in Android can notify users when they detect a deterioration in battery health.

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