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The first batch of passed list of national big model standard test was announced: including Ali Tongyi Qianqian, Tencent mixed yuan, etc.

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Thanks netizen Rong Naiyue, soft media user 1353584, West Window old clue delivery! December 23 news, comprehensive Tencent Cloud (Cloud), Alibaba Cloud official public account, in December 22 during the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee artificial intelligence subcommittee plenary meeting, the first official "large model standard compliance evaluation" results announced, Tencent Hunyuan large model, Ali Tongyi Qianwen and other large models became the first batch of four domestic large models passed the evaluation Two of them.

According to introduction,"Large Model Standard Compliance Evaluation" was initiated by China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, aiming to establish a list of Chinese large model standard compliance and lead the healthy and orderly development of artificial intelligence industry. The evaluation collected opinions from dozens of head units in academia and industry, covering more than 30 specific evaluation dimensions for evaluating the universality and intelligence of large language models.

According to Ali, Tongyi Qianwen is the only open source model in the first large model passed this time. Tongyi Qianwen 72B claims to have topped the HuggingFace list and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Open Compass list since December 1.

According to Tencent, Tencent Hunyuan large model meets the relevant technical requirements of "Artificial Intelligence Large-scale and Training Model Part 2: Evaluation Indicators and Methods." The model claims to have more than 100 billion parameters and pre-trained corpus of more than 2 trillion tokens.

At the same time, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud (Cloud) respectively started the discussion and preparation of "Artificial Intelligence Model as Service (MaaS) Functional Requirements" as technology leaders and proposal leaders.

As of press time, only the two big model manufacturers mentioned above have officially announced that they have passed the test. will follow up on the details of the other two (360 Smart Brain and Baidu Wenxin).

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