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Intel CEO talks about Nvidia: lucky to catch up with AI tuyere

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Shulou( Report--, December 23, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger (Pat Gelsinger) recently said that Intel will strengthen its competition with Nvidia in the AI field and improve its voice.

Mr Kissinger said in a recent speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "Huang Renxun valued throughput computing and initially upgraded mainly to graphics, but then he was lucky to catch up with the tuyere. Their first AI project was not even supported."

Bryan Catanzaro, vice president of applied deep learning research at Nvidia, disagrees. He used to work for Intel, and translated his tweet as follows:

I worked on Larrabee applications at Intel in 2007; then I went to Nvidia to do machine learning in 2008, so I spent some time at both companies.

I can say: Nvidia's dominance doesn't come from luck, it comes from vision and execution, which Intel lacks.

Back in 2007, my colleagues and I saw the opportunities and risks of Intel. At that time, Nvidia's revenue was only 1/10, and Intel management only thought that Nvidia could be crushed with Larrabee, but Intel lacked foresight and execution.

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