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HuaWeiYun Dong Libin: so that every enterprise can quickly build a large model ability

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Shulou( Report--

Today, the Huawei Yunpan ancient model theme forum with the theme of "opening up and flying together, win-win industry AI new era" was successfully held in Shenzhen. Huawei Cloud has conducted in-depth exchanges and sharing with customers and partners in different industries around the topics such as the AI model, the application of technological innovation and new opportunities for industrial development. At the same time, Huawei Cloud has released three basic solutions based on the Pangu model and Huawei Cloud AI plans to go to sea.

Dong Libin, head of Huawei Cloud Marketing Department, delivered a keynote speech on "AI for Industries, Open and fly together, win-win Industry AI New era". He said: "in order to enable every industry and every enterprise to quickly use and build large models, and to achieve innovation and upgrading based on large models, Huawei Cloud will adhere to'AI for Industries', with Pangu Great Model as the core and continuous technological innovation." Based on Pengteng AI cloud service, it provides enterprises with surging AI computing power supply, and enables scene innovation and solution prosperity in the way of joint creation. At the same time, Huawei Cloud will also provide large model development tool chain, AI capability transfer and joint innovation application model, global collaborative ecosystem and global promotion strategy, open and fly with customer partners to accelerate business win-win. "

Dong Libin, head of Huawei Cloud Marketing Department, delivered a keynote speech.

3 Daquan process tool chain: from computing power tuning, general AI development to large model development, it helps enterprises to accelerate the agile development of large models and quickly improve the efficiency of large model development.

Two application modes: enterprises can directly call Pangu model capability through API, or based on Pangu model, fine-tune training combined with their own data, and quickly customize enterprise-specific large models.

A global collaborative ecosystem: Huawei Cloud opens an omni-directional large model ecological cooperation path to three types of partners: software partners, service partners, consulting and system integration partners, and provides two platforms, AI Gallery and cloud store KooGallery, to provide comprehensive platform support for large model asset realization, knowledge sharing, commodity listing, trade promotion, and so on.

A global promotion strategy: Huawei Cloud will accelerate the launch of the ancient model, AI computing power and tuned open source model in all regions of the world, and jointly seize the AI value highland with partner customers through capacity co-building, business opportunity sharing and business acceleration.

In his speech, Dong Libin reviewed Huawei Yunteng AI cloud service and Pangu model's innovative services in government, government, and other fields to help industry enterprises solve difficult problems and do difficult things. He pointed out that the Pangu model provides a three-tier decoupling structure of 5+N+X, which naturally has a good ecological openness, and meets the needs of customers in different industries through layered AI capabilities and tools. At the same time, Huawei Cloud has built three AI cloud computing centers in Gui'an, Wulanchabu and Wuhu, providing enterprises with surging AI computing power, avoiding the problems of long-term waiting and complex management of self-built AI data centers, and realizing surging computing power and zero waiting. Enterprises and developers can also directly use the mainstream open source models in the industry, such as LLAMA, Baichuan and so on, through the "Huawei Yunteng AI Cloud Service Zone".

In addition, Huawei Cloud also provides an efficient and stable training environment for large models and a complete tool chain. In the past, it took five months to complete the end-to-end development preparation of a large model with 100 billion parameters, but now through Teng AI cloud services, large model development kits, and so on, the development preparation work can be reduced to one month.

Dong Libin said that the large model is by far the most complex system engineering, and allowing the large model to really land on the industry and enterprises requires the deep coordination of ecological partners and customers in the whole chain and in all fields, and dares to break through the core technology. dare to build a big model ecology of innovation. To this end, Huawei Cloud opens an omni-directional ecological cooperation path to software partners, service partners, consulting and system integration partners, so that all partners of the AI industry chain can find new development opportunities and achieve win-win results in the global collaborative ecology.

In order to help customer partners achieve faster business innovation and business success, Huawei Cloud has released three basic solutions based on the Pangu model and Huawei Cloud AI sea plan.

The three basic solutions created by Huawei Cloud will help customers and partners achieve AI solution innovation for segmented scenarios faster:

Pangu model + search solution, oriented, government, and other industry domain knowledge Q & A, document Q & An and other search application scenarios, through the deep integration of Pangu model and industry knowledge base, and combined with search, GaussDB vector database, fine typeset and other technologies, improve the search ability in semantic understanding, generalization, accuracy and other aspects, and achieve real-time knowledge acquisition, accurate Q & A, and result traceability. Take the industry as an example, the service efficiency of the agent knowledge Q & A scenario can be improved by 10%.

Pangu model + digital human solution is designed to provide support for various digital human application scenarios, such as broadcast interaction, intelligent customer service, office assistant and so on. The digital human brain center supported by the Pangu model provides three capabilities: accurate intention understanding, user privacy and security protection, and plug-in center. The efficiency of digital human creation based on this scheme is increased by 200%, and the experience of digital human interaction is significantly improved.

Pangu Model + RPA (Intelligent process Robot) solution provides new intelligent digital employee capabilities for government affairs, legal affairs, finance, retail, human resources and other scenarios. This solution gives full play to the core advantages of the Pangu model and the RPA product WeAutomate, and supports the natural language interaction of the large model to call RPA. The execution error rate is less than 0.05%, and the legal compliance degree is 100%. The accuracy and compliance risk of manual operation are greatly reduced.

Huawei Cloud has always adhered to the development of globalization. Huawei Cloud KooVerse Global Network has created the ultimate experience of 50ms delay circle in many value highlands around the world, and has become the first choice for many overseas enterprises. Huawei Cloud AI sea plan will launch the full stack of large model technology achievements in overseas nodes one after another to help overseas enterprises build large model advantages.

In terms of Pangu model, HuaWeiYun will be the first to launch Pangu natural language, visual, multimodal, scientific computing, prediction and other large model capabilities at overseas nodes, among which the natural language model supports English, Arabic, Thai and other languages.

In terms of tuned open source models, Huawei Cloud will launch more than 100 open source models in various categories such as natural language, video images and multi-modes in overseas nodes next year.

In terms of AI computing, next year, Huawei Cloud will gradually provide AI dual-stack computing services around the world.

In conclusion, Dong Libin said that the biggest opportunity in the next decade is artificial intelligence, and the era of big models has begun. Huawei Cloud hopes to work with more partner customers to share AI new opportunities and reshape thousands of businesses!

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