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Vivo informs developers that starting from January 4, 2024, the clean-up of undocumented App will begin gradually.

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, the official account of vivo developers today issued a notice and guidelines on completing the App filing procedures as soon as possible, requiring developers to complete the filing of mobile applications (App) as soon as possible.

Vivo said that according to the relevant laws and regulations, the vast number of application developers are required to go through the filing procedures with the provincial communications administration where they live through their network access service providers and distribution platforms, and are not allowed to engage in App Internet information services if they do not go through the filing procedures. At the same time, mobile application software preset and distribution service providers are required to refuse to put on the shelves of undocumented applications and jointly safeguard the rights and interests of users.

Vivo said that from December 5, 2023, undocumented App showed "undocumented" on app stores and mobile phone installers, and gradually began to clean up undocumented App from January 4, 2024.

According to previous reports, in August this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on carrying out the filing of mobile Internet applications (hereinafter referred to as "the notice").

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, since 2000, in accordance with the provisions of the measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services (decree No. 292 of the State Council), the competent telecommunications authorities have carried out the work of filing and approving websites engaged in Internet information services (that is, ICP filing).

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, App has become an important carrier of Internet information services. App and websites belong to the provision of Internet information services. In accordance with the requirements of national laws and regulations, they should go through the formalities of filing with the competent departments of telecommunications with reference to the website, and register their real names, network resources, business and other information.

The notice shows that taking into account the actual business situation of App organizers, network access service providers, application distribution platforms, and intelligent terminal production enterprises, 10 months have been set aside in the notice as a transitional period for App filing.

From September 2023 to the end of March 2024, the App operating before the issuance of the notice shall go through the formalities of filing with the provincial communications administration where its domicile is located. From April 2024 to the end of June 2024, the competent telecommunications department will organize supervision and inspection of App filing, and dispose of App that have not yet completed the filing procedures in accordance with the law.

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