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China Mobile Migu publishes 5G video ringtone "color number" to confirm the right, providing block chain copyright protection.

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Shulou( Report--, November 27, during the Ninth China International copyright Fair, at the AIGC, Metasmology and Digital copyright Ecological Sub-Forum sponsored by the Network copyright Protection Research Base of the National copyright Administration and the China Mobile copyright legal Research Center, China Mobile Migu issued the 5G video color ring "TV color number" confirmation ability, and issued the No. 1 confirmation certificate to the Giant Star Legend Group Co., Ltd.

China Mobile Migu said that the ability to confirm the rights of "TV Color account" marks the creator of the full-cycle mobile financing platform, realizing an one-stop copyright protection service for original online works from confirmed rights registration, copyright network-wide monitoring to infringement protection.

According to reports, users only need to log in to Migu music video ring back tone Mini Program, upload the original short video content, the system will confirm the right registration of the work and issue the block chain confirmation certificate, and start the short video work copyright monitoring service at the same time. Through 24-hour network-wide data comparison, fingerprint authentication, video key frame search and other means of infringement content retrieval, once the infringement is found, the system will supervise the offender offline related content. When encounter relevant legal disputes, Migu company will assist content creators to appeal and protect their legitimate rights and interests. learned from China Mobile Migu that at present, the number of mobile media users with video ringtones as the core is more than 400 million, the communication channel plays 700 million times a day, and it focuses on music and sports tracks. Jay Chou's IP activities have been viewed more than 800 million times in all channels, and more than 5 billion times in the fourth match (Women's World Cup, Men's Basketball World Cup, Chengdu Universiade, Hangzhou Asian Games).

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