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AI Digital Human Digital Trade Fair focus Wanxing Technology NetEase youdao shows marketing scenes and other applications

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Shulou( Report--

On November 27, the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo closed in Hangzhou. With the theme of "Digital Traders Connect the World," more than one thousand enterprises gathered together to show the cutting-edge trends of digital science and technology. The appearance of various AIGC digital human technologies and products owned by AIGC software A-share listed companies Wanxing Technology (300624.SZ), Netease (0999.HK), Ant Group and other enterprises became the focus of the conference, presenting a brand-new format of digital human industry under AIGC technology for the audience.

On the exhibition site, Wanxing Technology, specially invited by the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, shared the latest technical achievements and landing applications in the field of AIGC represented by Wanxing Broadcasting Explosion to global exhibitors and participants, attracting many participants to stop. Wanxing Broadcast Explosion is a new generation of video marketing magic weapon created by Wanxing Technology combining AIGC, digital virtual person and Short Video production technology, which can effectively solve many problems faced by enterprises when they go to sea, such as difficult to find foreign anchor, difficult to adapt to multiple languages, long production cycle and high cost.

It is reported that Wanxing broadcast explosion also launched a live broadcast version not long ago, facing the field of e-commerce live broadcast, supporting digital live broadcast, live push, real-time interaction, AI intelligent script, AI translation, intelligent reply and other functions. Users only need to input product name, product characteristics, promotion information, etc., without equipment, venue, scenery, Wanxing broadcast explosion (live broadcast version) can quickly set up digital person direct broadcast room, realize AI digital person 24 hours live broadcast "business."

In addition to in-depth applications in the field of marketing, digital people also play a role in various scenarios such as home, education, etc. In the Huashu exhibition area, the virtual digital person "Aijia" created by Huashu Group performed a song "Half Window Thin Shadow" on the spot. This digital person also has many functions such as channel live broadcast, video-on-demand, two-way online translation, etc. In the future, it can also provide home control, housekeeper company and other services for users as AI housekeeper of family intelligent service.

At Netease's booth, the international virtual human oral coach "Hi Echo" also attracts attention. The experiencer can realize immersive "spoken dialogue" with virtual people through mobile phone on the spot. The virtual human coach not only has vivid expression, natural mouth shape, authentic pronunciation, but also reacts like a real person. Ant Group's digital attendant "Anjier" can put forward triage suggestions through mobile phones, and can also combine with the hospital navigation system to quickly find the department to go to, making it more convenient to see a doctor.

At this trade fair, the digital people displayed by each exhibitor not only showed many application scenarios of digital people, but also revealed the rapid development of AI digital people industry. With the development of digital technology, more and more "AI digital people" are integrated into various scenes of people's lives. The application scale of AI digital people has also expanded accordingly. According to the data of China AI Digital Human Industry Research Report 2023 recently released by Ai Media Consulting, the core market scale of virtual human in China in 2022 is 12.08 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 94.2%. It is estimated that it will reach 48.06 billion yuan in 2025. Driven by the digital transformation of traditional industries and the demand for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, the demand for AI digital human business in China is further released, and it is expected that the market scale will continue to grow.

With the development of AI technology and the promotion of industrial prospects, head technology enterprises at home and abroad are accelerating the layout of AI digital people. According to the "China AI Digital Human Industry Atlas" drawn by the above-mentioned Ai Media Consulting Research Report, China AI Digital Human has different subdivision fields at the application layer, platform layer and basic layer. Among the representative enterprises in each field, in addition to Ali, Tencent, Netease, Shaking Sound and other famous enterprises in the Internet industry, there are Wanxing Technology, Science and Technology Xunfei, Shangtang, Shaking Sound, Mihayou and other industry leaders.

Among them, Mihayou is the representative of the most popular manufacturer in China's game field at present, and its phenomenon-level game "Original God" is called "Domestic Light" due to its high income in overseas market. In recent years, Mihayou has also set up an AI studio internally, making continuous efforts in the direction of new technologies such as digital people.

Wanxing Technology is an A-share listed company with wide product coverage, large revenue volume and high degree of globalization in China's digital creative software field. Its business covers more than 200 countries and regions, with nearly 1.5 billion cumulative users worldwide and nearly 100 million monthly activities. It is regarded as "Adobe in China." Its Wanxing Meow Shadow, Wondershare Filmora, Wondershare PDFelement, Ink Knife Overseas Edition Mockitt and other products have integrated AIGC capabilities, and Wanxing Love Painting, Wanxing Broadcast Explosion, Wanxing Zhiyan, Wondershare Kwicut, Wondershare VirtuLook, Wondershare Trumate and other AIGC creative new products.

It is noteworthy that Wanxing Technology recently launched an AI-created Short Video "Girl's Life" on its official video number, presenting a dynamic picture of a girl's life in just one minute. This video is driven by the powerful literary video capability provided by Wanxing "Sky Screen" multimedia large model. The creator can control the starting frame content of the video only by inputting the story outline or fragment script, and realize the complete generation of brand-new video content through the large model capability, fully displaying the cross-modal creativity and charm, and subverting the shooting and editing mode of past video creation.

Behind a series of new technologies and new applications is a brand-new experience brought about by the iteration of artificial intelligence technology. It is not difficult to predict that under the support of AI technology, the application scenarios of digital people will be wider and can meet more diversified needs.

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