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Huawei officially launched the Smart S7 car, with a price starting from 249800.

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According to CTOnews.com11 news on March 28, the Smart S7 was officially released this afternoon. The car has been pre-sold on November 9, with a reservation of more than 20,000 units. It offers four models, namely, the Smart S7 Pro, the Smart S7 Max, the Zhijie S7 Max+ and the Zhijie S7 Max RS, at prices of 249800, 289800, 319800 and 349800 respectively. The first sale period is decided immediately, and you can enjoy rights and interests worth 55000 yuan. The first sale period ends on December 31, 2023.

In terms of appearance, the Zhijie S7 uses a new OneBox styling design, which greatly improves the availability of space in the cabin, integrated body structure and fluid golden curve, bringing 0.203Cd ultra-low wind resistance, the front face is a family design of Huawei, and the headlight group is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lighting system, which increases the shooting width from 25 meters to 50 meters.

On the side of the body, the Wisdom S7 is equipped with hidden door handles, rimless doors, lightweight 21-inch forged double five-spoke rims, Brembo brake calipers and the industry's first FNC perforated brake disc. The rear side of the car uses the popular through taillight design, which has a good degree of identification. In addition, the Zhijie S7 is equipped with a 2.6-square-meter panoramic canopy that extends to the rear windshield and is fully covered with 100% double-layer silver-plated thermal insulation glass, with a UV barrier rate of 99.9% and a heat insulation rate of 98.3%. noted that Zhijie S7 offers five car paint colors: Frost Moon Silver, Azure Blue, warm Nebula, Ceramic White and gilded Black. At the same time, the Wisdom S7 also offers a sports version, equipped with a blackened sports kit, including the front lip, side skirt, outer rearview mirror housing, wheels, tail and rear enclosure.

In terms of interior decoration, the Zhijie S7 adopts the design of the yacht encircling cockpit, while the co-pilot forms a flat multi-functional instrument desk in front of the co-pilot, which can not only be used as an office desk, but also can be opened and turned into a delicate dresser. The Wisdom S7 is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard and a new olive sports steering wheel to ensure an unobstructed line of sight. And equipped with a large central control screen, equipped with Hongmeng 4 (HarmonyOS 4) car system, a new 3D car control desktop, support Huawei MagLink. In addition, the new car also provides comfortable sports driving, enjoy the queen's space, and enjoy a large space in the back row, with three interior colors to choose from: White sand apricot, moon shadow gray and sparrow and feather red.

In the car configuration, the Zhijie S7 provides zero gravity seats, hidden refrigerators, double 50W wireless super fast charging, three 66W super fast charging, front and rear seats heating / ventilation and so on. The Zhijie S7 launch is equipped with architectural acoustic speakers, adopts 17-unit acoustic design, supports 7.1 surround sound field, has a 1000W independent power amplifier, and the industry's premiere space sound cockpit, which supports wheat-free singing.

In terms of smart driving, Zhijie S7, equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced driving assistance system, will launch city pilot services in all cities across the country by the end of the year. In addition, Huawei's unmanned parking function, which was still in the internal testing stage, was also launched on the Wisdom S7, supporting over-the-horizon autonomous parking, intelligent collision avoidance, autonomous search, and one-click summoning. Also support the industry's only mechanical parking space to assist, the optimal path to enter, very narrow parking space can also slide into the position. The Beta program will be launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Suzhou and Dongguan until the first quarter of next year.

The Zhijie S7 launch is equipped with Huawei Turing chassis, with four core technologies: omni-dimensional perception, 3D control, intelligent collaboration, road awareness HUAWEI ADS, intelligent vehicle state awareness IVSE, dynamic adaptive torque control HUAWEI DATS, intelligent body collaborative control HUAWEI xMotion, effectively perceive the road surface and vehicle state, and intelligently adjust torque. Zhijie S7 uses front double-arm, rear five-link air suspension, CDC variable damping shock absorber, air suspension. The car uses Huawei "Giant Whale" 800V high-voltage platform, CLTC comprehensive mileage up to 855km. It takes only 5 minutes to recharge for 215 km and 15 minutes for 430 km. In terms of power, the front motor power of the Zhijie S7 four-wheel drive version is 150kW, and the rear motor power is 215 kW. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is only 3.3 seconds.

In terms of security, Wisdom S7 active security re-evolution, supporting omni-directional anti-collision system CAS2.0, early identification, quick brake and quick stop. Full-dimensional super strong body, submarine-grade material. The use of cloud BMS battery management, 13 layers of hard-core battery safety, thickened side and car bottom anti-collision beam, bringing more stringent battery safety protection.

A picture to understand the intellectual world S7:

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