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Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router, Huawei routing BE3 Pro, is available for pre-sale. The price of 1000m network port version is 399 yuan.

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On November 27,2023, Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router-Huawei Routing BE3 Pro, its 1000M network port version will be pre-sold at Huawei Mall, Tmall, Jingdong Huawei official flagship store and online authorized store at 18:00, and will be officially launched at 10:00 on December 8, priced at 399 yuan.

The pre-sale of Huawei router BE3 Pro 1000M network port version will allow home users to enjoy a rapid network experience, marking the official opening of a new chapter in the era of Huawei router Wi-Fi 7.

Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router opens the peak of speed experience

Huawei Routing BE3 Pro uses Wi-Fi 7 technology, and the wireless speed can reach 3600Mbps. Whether watching 4K HD movies, playing big games, or downloading massive files, it's easy to navigate.

As a new generation of wireless Internet standards, Wi-Fi 7 has "three advantages":

At the latency level, Wi-Fi 7 adds Multi-Link Operation, which enables mobile phones, tablets and other devices that can adapt to Wi-Fi 7 to simultaneously connect to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to transmit data. This technology not only solves the problem of wasted channel performance caused by Wi-Fi only allowing connection to one channel (2.4GHz or 5GHz), but also greatly reduces latency.

It is worth mentioning that the scenario based on MLO technology will be implemented. In the consumer's daily home network environment, the original core high-speed area of the network will be further expanded, greatly reducing the speed reduction interference suffered by the connected equipment due to the distance from the router. According to Huawei's laboratory data, it can increase the speed by up to 92% and reduce the delay by 77%.

In terms of stability, Wi-Fi 7's M-RU technology (Multi-Resource Unit) allows multiple RUs to be allocated to a single user mechanism, making full use of idle channels to transmit data, and then adding preamble puncturing technology, which can automatically skip channels that interfere with congestion, improving transmission efficiency and reducing delay, bringing a higher and more stable network experience.

In addition, Wi-Fi 7 also uses 4096 QAM high-order modulation mode, which can transmit more data at the same time, and the rate is 20% higher than Wi-Fi 6's 1024 QAM, which means that whether it is watching HD movies or video conferences, faster loading rates can be obtained, bringing higher rates to users.

HarmonyOS smart network blessing, let users enjoy smart life

With the help of HarmonyOS smart network technology, Huawei Routing BE3 Pro brings users a smarter and more convenient experience. It is equipped with Game Turbo technology, which can intelligently identify the high-traffic scenes of playing games, build an independent, high-priority low-delay exclusive channel, support intelligent acceleration for 160 + popular end-games and mobile games, so that players can fully open black fire and enjoy the game.

At the same time, Huawei Routing BE3 Pro also supports visual intelligent diagnosis function. On Huawei Smart Life App, users can easily troubleshoot network faults and achieve "visualization" of network status. At the same time, by generating a Wi-Fi coverage thermal map, the boundary of Wi-Fi coverage can be clearly displayed, and the signal is good or bad at a glance.

Huawei Routing BE3 Pro also supports children's online care function. Through Huawei Smart Life APP, parents can limit the time, games, videos, social interaction, etc. of children's use of equipment, reasonably plan their children's online time, etc., so as to help prevent children from indulging in the Internet. At the same time, it can also intercept bad websites, get reports of children's online behavior, help children form good online habits, and create a green and healthy online environment for children.

Huawei as the leader of Wi-Fi 7 technology to boost into the Wi-Fi 7 era

Huawei has always adhered to the medium-and long-term strategy of consumer-centered smart life in all scenarios.

"No connection, no intelligence" provides simple, high-speed, stable and secure Wi-Fi connection, which is a necessary condition for enjoying high-quality smart home and a long-term goal of Huawei router.

Huawei always stands at the forefront of the industry, pays attention to market trends, and is committed to developing more innovative and practical product solutions to help users build the home network that everyone aspires to. As one of the promoters of Wi-Fi 7 technology and industry development, according to NGB statistics IEEE official website data report shows that Huawei in Wi-Fi 7 standard patent contribution rate of 22.9%, ranking first in the world, but also fully demonstrated its leading position in the field of wireless communication technology and innovation ability.

It is precisely because of its deep cultivation in the Wi-Fi field that Huawei has the strength and strength to bring router products with a more enjoyable Wi-Fi experience to users, so that more home users can enjoy the rapid network experience and better release the network potential of terminal devices.

The official launch of Huawei Routing BE3 Pro marks the beginning of a new era of Huawei router Wi-Fi 7, and users will experience the charm of Wi-Fi 7 technology for themselves, becoming more comfortable in Huawei's full-scene smart life experience. In addition, Huawei Routing BE3 Pro 1000M network port version sells for 399 yuan. Users can log in Huawei official website and Huawei Mall for more details.

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